Sock and Scrappy

With everything you’ve got to start somewhere! I’ve always wanted a handmade blanket of my own but doing hundreds of square at once just seems so long winded and dauntingly dull! Until I watching all these podcasters out there showing off the beautiful Scrappy Sock Blankets or ‘Cozy Memories Blankets’ which ever name you’ve donned for yours, these blankets are amazing!

Every one that’s created are unique and made with much love and consideration! hundreds of sock yarn left overs are gathered and knit up whenever there are scraps at hand which makes then no mean feat! Lots of squishy different fibres popped into a pick n mix array of beauty to eventually drape over you and your loved ones over the winter months! Sounds Dreamy to me and how can so many beautiful knitting ladies be wrong!

That’s right I did begin my very own as I friend of mine calls them ‘Dingle blankets’ lol! You might have caught the first peek of it in my first Podcast episode and it’s growing slowly but surely and I’m not even slightly feed up the fact that I can pick it up in between as I feel I need to knit a little something this blanket has become a dream. My need for starting sock yarn projects has grown though to keep me in kind supply of scraps! Even my boss has donated sample yarns she had lying around at home to keep me busy. I’ve got a feeling making these colourful blankets would put a smile on everybody’s faces there greatly fulfilling and relaxing.

Although my blanket is still in it’s early and small stages at 9 squares I know it’s going to grow into it’s self at a good rate. I love the idea that at some point I will have an almost mood board styled blanket full or yarns, colours and memories, it’s so personal!

So here’s how I went about mine, Its constructed with four different kind of squares as detailed below in the pattern and all are worked in a garter stitch pattern with a mitred decrease, mine all run in the same direction however you don’t have too if you prefer the extra scrappy blanket look 😀

1 square should measure 10cm x 10cm on 2.75mm needles (This isn’t crucial though to make a scrap blanket like this it’s just a guide to what I wrote mine too)

  • 4ply sock or fingering weight yarn.
  •  Hiya Hiya  2.75mm, 40cm long circular needle or Needle to obtain gauge
  • Sewing needle to sew in loose ends as you go.


K knit, P Purl, sts stitches, ssk slip/slip/knit, tog together.

SQUARE ONE (Starter Square)

Cast on 52 sts.
*1st Row. (wrong side row) K26, place Marker, k26.
2nd Row. (right side row) K24, Ssk, slip marker, k2tog, k24.
Repeat these last 2 rows until you have 2 sts remaining. Remove marker.
Last Row. K2tog. Fasten off.*

SQUARE TWO (Side Edge Squares:- these make up the right side edge of your blanket)

Cast on 26 sts and pick up 26 sts evenly along top edge of first square (or top edge of any side edge square). 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE THREE (Lower edge Squares:- these make up the bottom edge of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a lower edge square and cast on 26 sts. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE FOUR (Central squares:- these ones you’ll use the most, they make up the centre of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a square and pick up 26 sts evenly along the top edge of a square. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

Not difficult at all! and then when you have a few ends sew them in as you go so it’s not a massive job at the end.

I hope some of you join in on the fun and use up some of those odds and ends rather than throw them away! If not charity shop them some dear knitter might find them and add them to there Sock and Scrappy 😀

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