Episode 4

Welcome to Killtocraft Episode 4, Here is a bit of the low down:-

Big Thank You’s
Firstly to all of you lovely people for watching, sharing, liking and subscribing to the show it’s awesome and you all amazing and it’s nice to see you here in the group!

Second Big Big Thank you is to ’Mina86’ from the Knitting Expat podcast for share me and the show on her Podcast and in her Ravlery group. Mina you are so kind and amazing I can’t thank you enough for being you! 😀

Show Notes are on the blog Here.

:- Go! by Dreareneeknits (Andrea Mowry)

:- Test knit.
:- Greco Sweater by Courtney Spainhower.
:- Curiosa Mkal by Rachel Coopey coopknits

The knitting Expat Podcast by Mina
TheFawnKnits by Lara
Also The LittleBobbins by Dani

Yarn Artist
Baerenwolle Baerfoot Sock by Vicky_jb

What do you all think about a Brioche Themed Kal?!

Catching up and chatting about Episode 4 is here… 😀


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