Canopy // Pattern

Well this pattern was gifted to my by the lovely Melody from Manderines Podcast and the lovely Ruth from Raincloudandsage blog from a giveaway I entered in hope to get chosen. There was a choice between manderine’s hat pattern or between her two shawl patterns ‘Canopy’ or ‘Blom’. First prize winner to be picked got to pick between the shawls and luckily I was the first as I’d had my longing eye on the Canopy Shawl since it was released. However the timing must not have been right because If i’d have bought it back then I woud be the same shawl I’ve been knitting up this week. Having been influenced by a Voolenvine tutorial about adding beads to your knitting and seeing Little boobins ‘Dani’ sharing her beaded influenced shawl, it all inspired me to add beads to my very own Canopy!

I started the shawl on Tuesday and I haven’t really put it down, but I’m going to make myself tomorrow so I can actually show it as a work of progress on saturdays podcast! I wouldn’t want to have started and finished without you seeing it. I’m already doing the lace on the third teir and I’m debating a possible fourth! it could be on the cards.

I’ve had a few glitches along the way like realising the beads I’d chosen however perfectly fitting with the chosen yarn they had different sized holes which was a pain but I did manage to sort them to make it easier. The beads with the larger central hole got hooked on first with the crochet hook as planned and the smaller holed ones got added at a later date nearing the end of the lace and got added the same way but using a sewing needle and sewing thread to slip the bed over the stitch.

I didn’t let it put me back to square one and searching for beads as I’d fallen in love with these ones! The shawl is so stunning I’m in love with it!

I’m so very excited about this project I couldn’t hold back and had to show it off! Just everything about this project to me is Perfect and I don’t always think that way. It will certainly get a lot of wear this autumn/winter.


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