2015 // Killtocraft Brioche KAL

So some awesome news and fun for you all and If you’ve been watching my latest podcast episode you may have already seen and heard about what’s install over at the Killtocraft Podcast group on Ravelry! If you haven’t then awesome as I can fill you in!!

Last Saturday I opened up the Killtocraft Podcast’s First Knit-a-long and It’s open for all you knitters to join just pop over and join the group and the antics will follow! I’m hosting the Killtocraft Brioche KAL, I’ve personally not knitted Brioche before but I’ve been wanting too and isn’t it really nice as beginners to learn something new together so we can share and advise each other from our own learning experiences. So If you are new don’t be scared to join in the fun come over and take a look at the Brioche kal chatter thread. At the minute the group is discussing project ideas, yarn choices and trying out swatching whilst watching and sharing technique videos! It’s really fun and exciting! So there are plenty of Pre Kal activities to still chatter about.

Like I said the Brioche Kal begins on the 15th August through till the October the 30th the day before all the spooky happenings, so there will be a Halloween Prize Giveaway on the 31st which will be announced on the Podcast that very same day!

The rules to the Knit a long are Easy Peasey:-

1) Up until the 15th of August you can share yarn and project ideas and discuss the Brioche technique and create practice samples only.

2) 15th August the KAL offically begins and you can get knitting all the brioche colourful madness! 😀

3) 15th August I will open the FO Thread which will be for picking Winners in a Prize draw and to make it far please make One post per person which you can update as many times as you wish with as many finished object photo’s.
(This is to make it as fair as possible so everybody has an equal chance)

4) If you could tag your projects and images on social media as #2015ktcbriochekal that would be amazing so we can see everyones progress and join in the online fun!

5) Fifth and Final but the most obvious rule the knitted item must contain ‘Brioche’ and not the sweet buns kind 😉

We’ve already had some donations for prizes (Thank you to those lovely kind people it’s very much appreciated) but if you are an indie dyer, fibre artisan or designer of handmade wears and would like donate to the Kal prize giveaway please do get into contact with me PM me Via ravelry and you can find me as ‘killtocraft’.

I’ve already recieved my custom yarn order from Vicky at Baerenwolle for my Briochealicious Shawl by Andrea Mowry in shades show in the above photo.
Left to right:- Grenadine, Copper, Feel the Beet and Lime.

and I can’t wait to cast on and get knitting!! So please come join us and we’ll be there to welcome you! x

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