Killtocraft Podcast Episode 7

Oh my! I’m slacking I’ve only just noticed I hadn’t done the Show notes from the last episode and I say last as I’m hopefully filming a new one this weekend! Blimey! let’s get on with it!

Welcome to the knitty gritty on episode 7, enjoy!

Thank You’s:-
A big thank you as well to of those regular viewers that keep coming back you are the bee’s knees and it’s greatly appreciated that I have your kindness and support and to those new subscribers hello and welcome and thank you for subscribing I hope you continue to enjoy the show and get to know you all a bit better here in the ravelry group! 😀

Podcasters Mentioned:-
Made in Carlenergy Carlenergy
Yarngasm/ Voolenvine
Knitting Expat mina86
All You Knit Is Love Freezeframe

Curisoa Mkal by Rachel Coopey (I’m showing this one again freshly blocked for your viewing :p)
Oak Crest by Masie Howarth (Autumn 2015 issue 14 Pom Pom Quarterly)

Canopy Shawl by Melody Hoffman of the Mandarines Podcast
Briochealicious by Andrea Mowry
My Favourite Socks by Voolenvine (that wil be slightly adapted if I can decide on a heel choice)

Republic of Wool – Scenic Route colourway with a Button badge and T-shirt.
Sock Blockers from Loop London.
Baerenwolle – Baerfluff in Amazonas colourway

Question:- What are you favourite heel methods for Self Striping yarns or if you’re not bothered in doing it a certain why then what is your favourite heel method I’d love to hear your choices and why? 😀


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