Killtocraft Podcast Episode 15

Me and the mister are off out for tea so Shownotes will follow later I’m afraid 🙂 Happy knitting everybody and hope your weekend is going tops x

Okay so Shownotes:-

Our New Knitalong Threads are open and you are welcome to knit any garment so a short sleeved sweater top, cardigan or pullover. So please come over and Join in the first prize is a selection of Hueloco Goodies donated by the lovely Nicole Hueloco and also feel free to check out her etsy shop she sells beautiful things I can’t recommend it any higher, if I could I would. 🙂
This Knit a long is running from January to 31st March and prize draw will take place on the podcast on 2nd of April. Remember you’ve to be in it to win it 😉 This Knit a long is also in conjunction with the sweateralong hosted by Mina of the Knitting Expat Podcast so do share your projects there two for extra chances at winning 🙂

‘This Way That Way Socks’ by Mina Philipp mina86 used Knit picks Handpainted stroll fingering in ‘woodland’ colourway.
‘Beezee Hat’ by Katrin Schubert used King cole baby alpaca dk.

‘Because I love you Wrap’ by Amy Meeks Used Baerenwolle Baerfoot Sock in ‘Eisprinzessin’ and
The Wool Barn Silk Sock in ‘Faded Jeans’.
You can follow Amy
here at the Periscope Sister group and join in there kal for this shawl in a weeks time.
‘Fika Socks’ by Maribeth White (Pom pom Quarterly magazine issue 12, spring 2015) using Lang Jawoll colourway I believe is ‘Pastel Rainbow’ and Is entering in the
Twisted Stitches Podcast ‘Rainbows and Unicorns Kal’.

Podcasters Mentioned
mina86 of The Knitting Expat Podcast
thefawnknits of The Fawn Knits Podcast
hueloco of the Hueloco Podcast
andresueknits of the Andresueknits Podcast
tinypaperfoxes of the Tinypaperfoxes Podcast
gabigails of the Once Upon A Corgi Podcast
fishgirl182 1 half of the Twisted Stitches Podcast 😀

Items from Sellers
A homespun House
The fawn and the fox
Baerenwolle (couldn’t seem to find a link)
The Wool Barn

Just a reminder that I asked if anyone knows if I need to be specific with the fabric I use for sewing my Muslin as it’s the first time doing one I wasn’t sure if my fabric content needed to match the fabric I’m using for my end result? Do get in touch if you are into sewing I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you all again for watching I love spending a bit of time with you and hope you enjoyed the show. See you in two weeks for another episode. x


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