Killtocraft Podcast Episode 24 // 1 Year Podaversary!!!



Group News

It’s been 1 year of the Podcast! Yay!!!

I Heart Bees KAL
I Heart Bees my re-released pattern now available to download for free on Ravelry Here
I Heart Bees pattern by Vanessa Townley

and I’m
Running a KAL from today to 26th August, I’ve bobbed up the Chatter Thread here so you can all start nattering about your socks, showing yarn and soon to see some wips!!

Also…… In other group news.
I’m hosting a Giveaway for the newly released design by the awesome and so kind Periscoping Sisters, Debby Reese and Amy Meeks. Random Acts Of Colour Wrap and go over the giveaway thread and follow the prompt. 😀

Cookie A – jedi Mind Trick Socks for the cookie jar Kal.
Easy Knits Deeply Wicked yarn.


Test Knit for Mina Philipp of the Knitting Expat Podcast and MinaMakes.
This is the Sugar Plum Shawl.

Old Ball winder with a faulty arm but found a new one from Bedford, sewing and knitting ltd (BSK LTD) an old De-Luxe brand used in manufacturing industry back in the days of highly used machine knitting and spinning mills.
Please be aware to tug harder on the yarn guide when pulling it out and into place if it’s limp pull harder! Trust me I thought mine was faulty but I just needed to be a bit tougher with it!
Works great now and I’m really loving it and it already is winding much more consistent than my previous model.
It cost about £18 including the shipping.

I shared some lovely kind gifts from some of my beautiful knitting friends, Thank you so very much xxx

Please do take part in the KAL and the Giveaway and I’ll be back soon!! 😀
Have a lovely Weekend!!


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