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Killtocraft is my personal blog, sharing my everyday life, inspirations, recipes and crafts. I just adore sharing out the craft candy!

A number of years ago I started my blog Nessaknits and found I no longer felt inspired by that and decided amongst a break! But in this time I found I missed making, blogging and felt slightly at a loss.

I’ve always had a massive passion for crafting whether it’s textiles, art, sketchbooks, photography, crochet and knitting just being a few. I’ve also given help with knitting and technical advise to Charlotte Blacker when creating new animations.

I’m hoping writing this blog over time will make my articles and blogging technique get better and to build up a great community of friends.

And so this new and second endeavour will be a more permanent one.

Various Works:-

Freelance Designed a knitwear garment for Sublimes Tussah Silk DK Book 660, Samsara at Ravelry.

Also worked on:-

Little Red Plane By Charlotte Blacker as a knitter. I designed and knit the Octopus from Scratch and knitted the cats body suit.

Casperbabypants Music Video – Stompy The Bear also by Charlotte Blacker. I knitted three of the bears in total, the plaid, white and pink bear.

Also check out more of Charlotte’s work at her website.

  1. Michelle said:

    Hi Vanessa! I was wondering if you would be willing to make a Stompy pattern available? It’s my 1 year old niece’s favorite song, and I wanted to make her her own Stompy the Bear, but I’m a pretty inexperienced knitter, so a pattern would be super helpful! Thanks so much!

    • Hiya Michelle, sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to write the pattern it’s been so long since I made the bears can’t remember but also the bears are not owned be me personally and I’m not sure on the rights of being able to replicate a pattern for one. Sorry to have possibly disappointed you! But such lovely news that your niece is fully enjoying the song and bears 😀

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