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I haven’t podcasted in a while and it’s not because I haven’t  wanted to. Since my last episode things have been a bit of a struggle for me.

My Fiance hasn’t been well and is struggling to look after two fairly new conditions and my mum has been going through her treatments for breast cancer.

Whilst these things have been playing heavily on my mind I’ve also been struggling in numerous ways but one of the main struggles has been stress. Stress is horrible and even when trying your best to fight it, it’s still there reminding you that you’re struggling. I’m also an Anxiety sufferer (I have been now for 14 years) and due to the recent heavy amount of stress without any kind of rest from it, it in turn has set off my anxiety and panic disorder. Over the pass month I’ve manage to get help and settle those symptoms down but there’s still some symptoms due to the stress that have left me struggling health wise.

With me being so stressed it’s trigger my immune system and in turn for well over a month I’ve struggled with IBS like symptoms this has weakened me a lot and I’ve now found a new friend in Imodium which is doing it’s job lovely for my stress stomach (I’d been checked by doctors and nothing was wrong). Due to my weakened Immune system I may have also given myself a mouth condition called Lichen Planus, this I will be soon having tests for at my nearby hospital, where they will be checking me for an deficiencies, my immunity and to confirm it is this condition which there is no real treatment for. In the month of November I also injured my hip due to tensing the muscles in my back my hip came out of place and is fairly uncomfortable when I go to walk as I used to as a way to de-stress. So over the passed few months I’ve burdened my mind with worry for others health and my own to the point of despair, upset and panic.

I’ve not been able to focus my mind on anything else and the amount of doctors, hospital and now dentist visits have just been insane I’ve never had to go so much in my life. Due to all the worry my crafting has taken a hit massively I’ve barely knit (I’ve done a bit here and there). I’ve had only two finished objects in two months and they were hats that took me a week or a few days to churn off the needles. The most excited and immersed I’ve been was near my birthday and I churned out my newest sewn skirt but then since the following weekend I’ve been ill again with colds and feeling very run down and struggling with low energy. It’s a roller coaster of up and downs.

I will get to back to podcasting at some point but I believe it’s probably best I take some time to look after me and take it easy on myself and aim my focus on my crafting and getting better. However it does give me a chance to share what I’m doing via my blog again to give you all updates on how I’m doing and what I’m making, rather than keeping you in the dark 😀

To the Two lovely ladies who won in my Harvest Hat Kal last December those prizes are still with me and I do aim to get them to you unfortunately it’s not at the front of priorities at the minute and once I’m feeling better I will make the effort to get those out to you and I’ll message you when I do. Sorry for those delays (I 100% understand its been a while, but you’ve not been forgotten).

I hope you will all keep in touch with me and my viewers I hope you understand. I love you all and the Ravelry Group for Killtocraft Podcast is still open for chattering and sharing what you are creating right now.

Thank you for understanding and I’ll be nattering with you all soon. XxX

I’ve been looking to replace an older store bought cardigan that is the ‘staple black cardigan’ currently in my wardrobe. It’s been on my mind this past year and I figured it would be easier to buy the yarn if I could choose the cardigan. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with Ravelry and searching for the perfect cardigan.

But how do you choose?!

I was firstly looking at them all as options but that was too difficult so I narrowed down some ideas by looking at key features of the cardigan I’m replacing.

  • Top Down or Yoked construction.
  • Fitted.
  • Large waistband and standard length.
  • 3/4 Sleeves.

The only other thing I wouldn’t mind adding to this list is that it’s not too plain. I’ve come to realise I’m one for a pattern or complex knit, it keeps me excited and interested, plus it keeps me distracted when I need it.

Here’s a few ideas I’ve collected…


I love the look of this it’s garter stitch but simple, it’s fitted with lovely long sleeves for the winter but it’s quite high necked! And although Carrie has written this pattern in different weights I think I’d prefer the light version.


I’ve always been a lover of Andi’s designs but I’ve only ever knitted Fizz which was a test knit a long while ago but she was a lovely designer to work with. This pattern is a recent release and I think the neat and simple lace detail would just be subtle and appealing in a black cardigan. It would just be enough interest to keep me happy and the fit and sleeve length is lovely enough I could wear through a few seasons.

Gemini by Cecily Glowik Macdonald

This cardigan most represents my old cardigan which is why I’d be tempted to pick it! but I’m not sure it’s interesting enough, the panel on the back is nice but I’m not 100% keen on the moss stitch borders and how they might gap slightly.

What do you think? Is there any you prefer the most or maybe you’ve also knit them? or could recommend something I’ve not looked at?

These are just a few I’m still adding to my options on my Cardigan Bundle on Ravelry if you’d care to check it out.


Collage 2016-07-19 18_03_00

It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been inspired to blog post. Maybe it’s because I tend to knit more these days than work on other crafts, of course I have my podcast and Ravelry as my main platforms to share all that. I decided if I’m going to continue my sewing adventure then I should share my more detailed progress here and make truly good use of my blog.

Above are a selection of photos I took of my most up to date progress on my current sew work in progress. It’s the York Top by Seamwork Magazine, I got this pattern free and I found it via a post on Pinterest sharing it’s availability.


Given the information on the pattern to use a light to medium weight fabric I chose medium weight cotton. Thus far I can already tell it’s more suited to a lighter weight fabric with more drape. I’m a newbie sewer and we learn as we go but it all seems glaringly obvious to me now; my bust is larger than the model and secondly the medium weight fabric is hanging off them like a sack of potatoes. As seen above in the right photo.

I’m not sure this pattern really is for me or my shape after I’ve gotten halfway through the sewing, so I’m going to make a few alterations in hope of making a more ‘me’ styled garment that I will wear and feel comfortable in.

  1. First thing to think about is altering the fitting of the top, especially under the bust and maybe add in some waist darts into the front and back to remove some of that excess unwanted fabric.
  2. The length of the overall garment is too long and with it being a fabric with lots of drape I think it could be cinched up so it rests nicely around my jeans pocket.
  3. The sleeves they bother me a little, they seem too long and wide to what I like. I think a shorter above elbow sleeve without the cuffs to give it a more delicate balance and maybe just a binding edge like the neck line. I may even alter my seam allowance to taper the sleeves in a little more.

What do you think?

I certainly don’t want to waste a garment so adapting it is my next option, which is one of the great parts of knitting and sewing your own clothing you can change something to your shape and style.

Overall I’m happy with my sewing. I’ve done darts previously on my Ruby Dress, which I will share another day and those were no real struggle. What was new to me was adding in set-in sleeves. I’ve added set-in sleeves before where knitwear’s concerned so I understand how to ease in the sleeve to the armhole but sewing in the sleeve is slightly different and so very interesting; it wasn’t half as hard as I was first expecting which was a nice surprise.

Creating two lines of ease stitching around the bell curve of the sleeve head you then tug them slightly till the notches match. So my method was to pin the centre point of the curve on the sleeve head to the centre of the shoulder. Then I pinned a little around the top curve of the sleeve head to keep it sturdily in position. This helped for when I needed to pull on those ease stitches so it was kept firmly in place. Then I placed the side edges of the sleeve and armhole together and pinned to the edge of the notch, this gave me a clear view of how much I needed to ease in the sleeve head. I then cinched in the sleeve head till it fit nicely by tugging on both ends of the ease stitching (make sure to leave long ends) and pinned the remaining sleeve head in position. Then with my seam ripper I unpicked both lines of ease stitching and my sleeve head was proudly in place.

Like Magic!!

Next Time // I’ll let you know how I get on with my alterations and see some further progress.

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Just manage finally to get this uploaded before I pop out for a few hours so I hope you enjoy and show noted will be written up when I arrive home. 😀 Enjoy lovelies x

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On today’s episode

FOs I have None 😮 How upsetting to admit 😉

True Friend by Veera Valamaki veera
Yarn – Zauberwiese in Grey, A Homespun House in ‘This is Halloween’ (purple) on Dale fingering.
Needles – 3mm and 3.5mm Knitpro Symfonie Dreamz interchangables.

Silver Birch by LouiseTilbrook
Yarn – The Wool Barn on Tweedy sock in ‘Terracotta’.
Needles- 2.5mm Knitpro DPN Zings.

Striated by Nicki Merrall
Yarn – Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift in ‘Cornflower’.
Needles – 3.5mm Knitpro Symphonies interchangables.

Swap Packages from friends

Interpretations 3 by Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki can be found at the Pom Pom Press shop
juliannapiglet Julianna Fibres sock yarn in ‘Prism’ colourway can be found at her Etsy Shop

FALLEN IN LOVE WITH:- (Queued/future wips)
‘Breathing Space’ from the newest Interpretations 3 book.

With everything you’ve got to start somewhere! I’ve always wanted a handmade blanket of my own but doing hundreds of square at once just seems so long winded and dauntingly dull! Until I watching all these podcasters out there showing off the beautiful Scrappy Sock Blankets or ‘Cozy Memories Blankets’ which ever name you’ve donned for yours, these blankets are amazing!

Every one that’s created are unique and made with much love and consideration! hundreds of sock yarn left overs are gathered and knit up whenever there are scraps at hand which makes then no mean feat! Lots of squishy different fibres popped into a pick n mix array of beauty to eventually drape over you and your loved ones over the winter months! Sounds Dreamy to me and how can so many beautiful knitting ladies be wrong!

That’s right I did begin my very own as I friend of mine calls them ‘Dingle blankets’ lol! You might have caught the first peek of it in my first Podcast episode and it’s growing slowly but surely and I’m not even slightly feed up the fact that I can pick it up in between as I feel I need to knit a little something this blanket has become a dream. My need for starting sock yarn projects has grown though to keep me in kind supply of scraps! Even my boss has donated sample yarns she had lying around at home to keep me busy. I’ve got a feeling making these colourful blankets would put a smile on everybody’s faces there greatly fulfilling and relaxing.

Although my blanket is still in it’s early and small stages at 9 squares I know it’s going to grow into it’s self at a good rate. I love the idea that at some point I will have an almost mood board styled blanket full or yarns, colours and memories, it’s so personal!

So here’s how I went about mine, Its constructed with four different kind of squares as detailed below in the pattern and all are worked in a garter stitch pattern with a mitred decrease, mine all run in the same direction however you don’t have too if you prefer the extra scrappy blanket look 😀

1 square should measure 10cm x 10cm on 2.75mm needles (This isn’t crucial though to make a scrap blanket like this it’s just a guide to what I wrote mine too)

  • 4ply sock or fingering weight yarn.
  •  Hiya Hiya  2.75mm, 40cm long circular needle or Needle to obtain gauge
  • Sewing needle to sew in loose ends as you go.


K knit, P Purl, sts stitches, ssk slip/slip/knit, tog together.

SQUARE ONE (Starter Square)

Cast on 52 sts.
*1st Row. (wrong side row) K26, place Marker, k26.
2nd Row. (right side row) K24, Ssk, slip marker, k2tog, k24.
Repeat these last 2 rows until you have 2 sts remaining. Remove marker.
Last Row. K2tog. Fasten off.*

SQUARE TWO (Side Edge Squares:- these make up the right side edge of your blanket)

Cast on 26 sts and pick up 26 sts evenly along top edge of first square (or top edge of any side edge square). 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE THREE (Lower edge Squares:- these make up the bottom edge of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a lower edge square and cast on 26 sts. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE FOUR (Central squares:- these ones you’ll use the most, they make up the centre of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a square and pick up 26 sts evenly along the top edge of a square. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

Not difficult at all! and then when you have a few ends sew them in as you go so it’s not a massive job at the end.

I hope some of you join in on the fun and use up some of those odds and ends rather than throw them away! If not charity shop them some dear knitter might find them and add them to there Sock and Scrappy 😀

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This post was inspired by a friend of mine Lea over at A Freeze Frame.

Loving I won the Canopy Shawl pattern by Melody from Mandarine’s Podcast on Raincloud and Sage’s Giveaway 😀
Thinking about all the nice things I could review for July’s edition of ‘Wooly Post’
Eating My first Chelsea bun although I had to take the currents out! I like raisins but not sultana’s so I daren’t risk it!
Struggling to find the passion to finish my crochet tapestry backpack I’m 40 rounds from finishing and I’ve lost the love and passion to continue.
Wondering ………!
Listening to ‘A Homespun House’ whilst spinning some new fibre!
Making Another hat!!
Feeling A tad under the weather still with my sinuses and ears, I might be waiting a while for this steroid nasal spray to take effect!
Dreaming of a being at home with my feet up relaxing with my knitting 
Finding a lot of yarn waiting for me! 
Celebrating My first Podcast episode and planning a more organised episode two 😀
Watching Jurassic World on Friday I can’t wait 😀
Reading Alone in Berlin still I’ve been reading the same book for two months I need to make some massive reading time and get it gone!
Enjoying My knitting so much recently I can’t get enough
Hoping Everyone enjoys my second podcast when it goes online! 
Wishing My face would stop hurt my sinuses are taking the Michael out of me!

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It might seem a bit late to be sharing with you my knitting resolutions for the new year, however surely it’s a good sign that I’m still positively following my own made demands. A few weeks back we were asked on the Pompom group on Ravelry to share some of our resoultions to be discussed on there latest Pomcast 9 where I also go a small mentioning 😀 If you’ve never listened previously it’s a lovely friendly show with guest Erika Knight. Other than that after it was aired I wanted to further share these resoultions with you all, so here we go…

This year for me is more about Consideration and Playfulness.
Last year my goals were more work based until March when I grieving for a loved family member that went out of the window. I then started to enjoy knitting for me again and not a purpose so I want to focus more on that this year.

1st – After reading ‘Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads I’m going to focus on knitting more and want to open my palette range and enjoying other shades of colour rather than returning to the same 4 (favourite) colours.

2nd – I still have plenty of knitted garments that are shop bought because they fill in the gaps, I’d like to start filling in that gap with my own hand knits because that perfect staple black yoked cardigan should be one I made, right??

3rd – Remember to treat myself out of my budget once and a while to something luxurious so I can start occasionally replacing some of those lovely skeins I have saved aside.

4th- Making plenty of new friends and joining in some Kal’s where I can join in the fun and sharing.

I feel this will inspire and fuel my knitting year 🙂

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