All knitting patterns need there abbreviations so people from beginners to experienced can understand there shortened terms.
Here’s a list of mine any extra ones that are specifically for a pattern will be stated in that pattern.

Alt alternate
Beg beginning
Cm centimetres
CN cable needle
Cont continue
Dec decreasing
Foll following
In inches
Inc increase(ing)
K knit
K1B knit into stitch below
Mm millimetres
P purl
Patt pattern
Psso pass slipped stitch over
Rem remain(ing)
Rep repeat
Rnd round(s)
Rs right side
Sts stitches
S1 slip 1 stitch knitways
Tbl through back of loop
Tog together
Ws wrong side
Ybk yarn back
Yft yarn front
Yfwd yarn forward
Yon yarn over needle
Yrn yarn round needle


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