Grunge Cardigan was a small simple inspiration of wanting my very own slightly baggy V-neck cardigan to lounge in over the winter months that will go nicely with my maxi dresses but will keep me warm and toasty. Firstly drawn up with the idea to have pockets but then changed due to wanting a shorter cardigan. Although not difficult if you’d prefer to add some later, I aimed for a deep 1×1 ribbing to keep it tight and cosy around the waistline and aim to insulate the body. It’s worked straight from bottom up on straight knitting needles until the fully-fashioned raglan shaping.
The Grunge Cardigan can be easily lengthened, by just adding more length below the armholes.

A lovely soft and warm classic Aran yarn, which comes in a variety of vibrant shades.
Knitted in a standard Aran Weight yarn with a tension of
18 sts to 24 rows to 10cm, (4in) on 5mm needles.
Tension must be similar due to raglan been written to rows not to a measurement.
Shown in Hayfield Bonus Aran.
(80% Acrylic, 20% Wool. 840 metres and 920 yards per 400g ball).
Shade 820 Clover.
Pattern uses 1 1:1:1:2:2 400g balls.
[::::] metres or [::::] yards.
(Meterage for sizes added shortly)
Also suitable for Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed.

4mm (UK8 – USA6) straight knitting needles.
5mm (UK6 – USA8) straight knitting needles.

Other Notions
3 [3:3:4:4:4] Buttons.

Sizes- 81 [86:91:97:102:107]cm, (32 34:36:38:40:42in)
Finished chest circumference:
92 [97:101:108:112:119]cm, (36¼ 38:39¾:42½:44:47in)
Shown in 32” with 11 cm, (4¼in) positive ease.

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BACK (For 5th size)

The 1×1 ribbing on the Back of the cardigan starts out with 103 sts and after the rib on the Dec row there’s an error. You will need to dec 2 sts evenly across the row to 101 sts. this section should now read as follows:-

For 5th size only
Dec Row. Rib to end, dec 2 sts evenly spaced throughout row for 5th size only. [101] sts.

The next section will commence for all 6 sizes.

  1. Leslie said:

    Hi there, I am a member on Raverly and downloaded your Grunge Cardi pattern which I am dying to make. However, I understand there has been a revision. I thought I added that to my notes but can’t find it. It was something to do with decreasing instead of increasing. (This will be my first ever sweater. I live in the Caribbean so there is no one here to help me figure any mistakes!)
    Thanks for your help. Leslie (socaknitter)

    • Hey Leslie,
      The update is as follows-
      The Increase on the back after ribbing on the 5th size is actually a decrease.
      So you are to decrease 2 sts evenly across the row, going from 103 sts to 101 sts.
      That is all and I hope this helps you!
      I’d love to see your cardigan once finished 😀 x

  2. Giny Dymbort said:

    Hi Vanessa. I am in the process of making the grunge cardie and I like to count rows as well as measure. I am a beginner/intermediate knitter and I think I encountered a problem so I’m stopping midstream in the hope you can help.
    I completed the back and have 125/126 rows. I have also completed the left front and have 134 rows . Both front and back row counts excludes the bottom rib border. I am fine up to the armhole where I have 70 rows on both the back and the left front. The left front is about 1 1/2 inches longer. Is this intentional or did I GOOF????
    I hope you can help as I don’t know how to proceed.

    • Hiya Giny, would I be okay to ask which size you are knitting? so I can do a row check for your size just to make sure and it’s getting late here so I’ll give it a look through in the morning for you. Sorry to here are encountering an issue I now quite a few knitters have knitted it without an issue but there’s 6 different sizes so it’s possible and I’d like to be thourough for you

      Nessa x

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