Quilter is my new design lady and gentlemen for the start of 2014 January’s pattern is a sweater! This was on the needle last year and I’ve been quite slow at getting it prepared and ready however it is here now for you all to see.

Quilter is a great sweater to wear with a coat, I like to have my coat or jacket open and with the front of this sweater being slightly padded and thick it still keeps you warm enough to do so.Quilter is perfect for the winter months and has kept me very warm recently.

With a plain stocking stitch back and sleeves. With a quilted styled front which is made by knitting stocking stitch then dropping a stitch and picking it back up and knitting it back onto the needle to make a quilted bubble.

Due to the stitches being dropped and pulled up on the front of the sweater means the tension is different and it pulls up the front of the sweater more than the back, this means that any length measurements should be taken at the side edges of the front to be accurate.

Sizes- 32/34/36/38/40/42

Yarn- Hayfield Bonus Aran or any Aran that knits at 18 sts to 24 rows to 10cm, (4in) on 5mm needles.

Yarn Amounts (This is based on the use of Hayfield Bonus Aran or Aran Tweed 400g)-

1 [1:1:2:2:2] 400g balls.

Needles- 4mm, 5mm needles and a crochet hook.

Tutorial on stitch pattern and tips here.

Shaping- This pattern has increasing and decreasing, the sweater increases for a grown on sleeve and decreases back in for the shoulder. When shaping the front you will need to be able to keep in pattern as before which means keeping note of where you are in the pattern. When reaching the neck be sure to drop the stitches down as in pattern before casting off to keep the illusion of the pattern otherwise you will have a stocking stitch section below the neckline. The sleeves are increased to measurement then cast off straight instead of doing a sleeve head this is because the grown on sleeve acts as a drop shoulder which compensates for a sleeve head.

This Pattern is available now on Ravelry for only £3.00, go over and take a look at Quilter and hopefully add it to your queue.


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