Episode 26


I Heart Bees Kal still busy making bee socks till August 26th.

Two New Prizes Donations

From ‘Amanita’ Agata Mackiewicz, she has kindly offered one pattern from her shop which is winner’s choice.

From Katharina of {Li’be’s} Yarns on Etsy, she’s kindly gifted us a skein of her ‘Sweet Orchid’ on her sock base.
This will be added to the main prize package for the I Heart Bees Kal.

Katharina also kindly gave you viewers of the podcast a Coupon Code for her shop. NESSA10 please take a look at her shop and make most of her kind code. 🙂

Thank you Ladies for your generous donations to the Killtocraft Prize pot, it is greatly appreciated! Xx

And there aren’t any! Sorry 😦

Every Flavour Stripy socks by Olivia Villarreal. My Project Page.

Tannery Falls by Sara Delaney from Summer 2016 Issue 17 of Pompom Quarterly. My Project Page.

Brother’s Cozy Memories Blanket, DK weight. Pattern is my Sock and Scrappy Pattern.

Finished spinning and plying my fibre batt from Spincity. Batt ‘Neptune’. 3 plied, plied on the fly, DK weight. 111g = 249 metres approximately.

York Top of ‘Doom’ by Seamwork magazine. I’m planning to alter the hell out of this.

Postman Came
Andresueknits on Etsy ‘Sock Blank’ Frankenstein and his bride on her Sparkle blank.

Postman Delivered Gifts
Fibre parcel from a lovely friend.
Braid ‘Shade of Ink’ from Heavenly Wools Etsy
Smaller Braid 50/50 silk and merino from Fibre Artemis
Silk Hankie and some Locks

Thank you all for watching and see you all soon 😀

Collage 2016-07-19 18_03_00

It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been inspired to blog post. Maybe it’s because I tend to knit more these days than work on other crafts, of course I have my podcast and Ravelry as my main platforms to share all that. I decided if I’m going to continue my sewing adventure then I should share my more detailed progress here and make truly good use of my blog.

Above are a selection of photos I took of my most up to date progress on my current sew work in progress. It’s the York Top by Seamwork Magazine, I got this pattern free and I found it via a post on Pinterest sharing it’s availability.


Given the information on the pattern to use a light to medium weight fabric I chose medium weight cotton. Thus far I can already tell it’s more suited to a lighter weight fabric with more drape. I’m a newbie sewer and we learn as we go but it all seems glaringly obvious to me now; my bust is larger than the model and secondly the medium weight fabric is hanging off them like a sack of potatoes. As seen above in the right photo.

I’m not sure this pattern really is for me or my shape after I’ve gotten halfway through the sewing, so I’m going to make a few alterations in hope of making a more ‘me’ styled garment that I will wear and feel comfortable in.

  1. First thing to think about is altering the fitting of the top, especially under the bust and maybe add in some waist darts into the front and back to remove some of that excess unwanted fabric.
  2. The length of the overall garment is too long and with it being a fabric with lots of drape I think it could be cinched up so it rests nicely around my jeans pocket.
  3. The sleeves they bother me a little, they seem too long and wide to what I like. I think a shorter above elbow sleeve without the cuffs to give it a more delicate balance and maybe just a binding edge like the neck line. I may even alter my seam allowance to taper the sleeves in a little more.

What do you think?

I certainly don’t want to waste a garment so adapting it is my next option, which is one of the great parts of knitting and sewing your own clothing you can change something to your shape and style.

Overall I’m happy with my sewing. I’ve done darts previously on my Ruby Dress, which I will share another day and those were no real struggle. What was new to me was adding in set-in sleeves. I’ve added set-in sleeves before where knitwear’s concerned so I understand how to ease in the sleeve to the armhole but sewing in the sleeve is slightly different and so very interesting; it wasn’t half as hard as I was first expecting which was a nice surprise.

Creating two lines of ease stitching around the bell curve of the sleeve head you then tug them slightly till the notches match. So my method was to pin the centre point of the curve on the sleeve head to the centre of the shoulder. Then I pinned a little around the top curve of the sleeve head to keep it sturdily in position. This helped for when I needed to pull on those ease stitches so it was kept firmly in place. Then I placed the side edges of the sleeve and armhole together and pinned to the edge of the notch, this gave me a clear view of how much I needed to ease in the sleeve head. I then cinched in the sleeve head till it fit nicely by tugging on both ends of the ease stitching (make sure to leave long ends) and pinned the remaining sleeve head in position. Then with my seam ripper I unpicked both lines of ease stitching and my sleeve head was proudly in place.

Like Magic!!

Next Time // I’ll let you know how I get on with my alterations and see some further progress.

You can like me on Bloglovin to follow future posts or follow here plus you can also follow my podcast ‘Killtocraft Podcast’ on youtube where I share all things knitty, sewing, spinning and more of me! Thank you for popping by.

Morning All,
I totally forgot I hadn’t posted up the latest episode gosh! Where’s my head?


Better late than never they say, I’m not so sure! So here’s the show notes.

Thank You
To everyone, new and returning viewers, you are the best!
To the lovely lady who gifted me the Good Vibes shawl for my podaversary. ❤ (it was so appreciated and I can’t wait to find those perfect skeins to start).
Katie misslavelli of Inside 23 podcast for say kind words and sharing my I Heart Bees sock pattern you are the sweetest, kindest and most supportive friend!! ::kisses::

Group News

  • Introduction Thread, I’ve been catching up on posting back and thank you for join in introducing yourselves.
  • Giveaway for the Random Act of Colour Wrap Random Act of Color Wrap pattern by Amy Meeks & Debby Reece Announced.
  • I Heart Bees Kal is under way until 26th of August, please do come along and join in the fun!
  • First prize for the I Heart Bees Kal announced and so kindly donated by Emma of Eldenwood Craft. Thank you Emma xx

Other Interests
Rib Magazine a new endeavour by Eric eplutz of the Stick + Twine Podcast and Devon brineandheath of Handmade and Woollen podcast are on with creating a new magazine aimed for the men who knit or those of us who knit for the men in our lives go over to @ribmagazine on Instagram and follow and show your support.

Katie of Inside 23 is hosting throughout the month of August a sewalong for the Hollyburn Skirt, with me expanding my sewing skills as Katie is obviously awesome she too is creating tutorials to help us along with our pattern and to help hone our skills with her helping hand. I’m too hoping to join in and you can find more information on Katies YouTube Channel and on the Sewalong thread.

Knitting // FOs
Jedi Mind Trick by Cookie A.
Yarn :- Easy Knits Deeply Wicked 4ply, shade :- , Needles:- To get gauge I used 2.00mm knitpro zings dpns.

Conversationalist by The Plucky Knitter.]8
Yarn :-King Cole Baby Alpaca, shade :- teal and Drops Lima, shade:- rust, Needles:- 3.75mm and 4.5 mm knitpro symfonie and dreamz circulars and knitted on magic loop.

Sugar Plum Shawl by Mina Philipp.
Both German yarns grey by Zauberweise 80% Wool and 20% bamboo. And the blue is amazonas by Baerenwolle on her Baerenfluff base.

Knitting // Wips
Dads Sweater again.
I Heart Bees socks using old stash yarn from Posh Yarns

Spinning // Tour De Fleece
Spinning fibre from Spincity
Bought rolags from Fondant Fibre. ‘Polwarth, bamboo, nylon shimmer.’

Kind friend gift me a Turkish Spindle to get me on my way with some light weight spinning and also to brush up my skills on this kind of spindle which is new to me! Very excited. Thank you Lovely ❤

Film // American Ultra
** Book Stashing // Wuthering Heights**

Thank you so much for popping by for another episode. xx



Group News

It’s been 1 year of the Podcast! Yay!!!

I Heart Bees KAL
I Heart Bees my re-released pattern now available to download for free on Ravelry Here
I Heart Bees pattern by Vanessa Townley

and I’m
Running a KAL from today to 26th August, I’ve bobbed up the Chatter Thread here so you can all start nattering about your socks, showing yarn and soon to see some wips!!

Also…… In other group news.
I’m hosting a Giveaway for the newly released design by the awesome and so kind Periscoping Sisters, Debby Reese and Amy Meeks. Random Acts Of Colour Wrap and go over the giveaway thread and follow the prompt. 😀

Cookie A – jedi Mind Trick Socks for the cookie jar Kal.
Easy Knits Deeply Wicked yarn.


Test Knit for Mina Philipp of the Knitting Expat Podcast and MinaMakes.
This is the Sugar Plum Shawl.

Old Ball winder with a faulty arm but found a new one from Bedford, sewing and knitting ltd (BSK LTD) an old De-Luxe brand used in manufacturing industry back in the days of highly used machine knitting and spinning mills.
Please be aware to tug harder on the yarn guide when pulling it out and into place if it’s limp pull harder! Trust me I thought mine was faulty but I just needed to be a bit tougher with it!
Works great now and I’m really loving it and it already is winding much more consistent than my previous model.
It cost about £18 including the shipping.

I shared some lovely kind gifts from some of my beautiful knitting friends, Thank you so very much xxx

Please do take part in the KAL and the Giveaway and I’ll be back soon!! 😀
Have a lovely Weekend!!


I Heart Bees by myself. Yarn Olsen by A homespun House. Colourway ‘In Bloom’. Needles 2.00mm and 2.50mm Zings DPNs. Shown on Bryson Sock Blockers.

Spindrift Shawl by Helen Stewart. Yarn Dusted Dreams fingering weight by Easyknits. Colourway ‘Pandamonium’. Needles 4mm dreamz interchangables. Project Bag from Third Vault Yarns.

Dads Sweater by Hayfield Leaflet 9465. Yarn Hayfield 400g Aran. Colourway ‘Navy’. Needles 4mm and 5mm 40cm long pony straight needles. Tote Bag from Pom Pom Quarterly.

Striated by Nicki Merrall. In Spring 2016 Pom Pom Quarterly. Yarn Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift. Colourway ‘Cornflower’. Needles 3.75mm Knitpro Trendz Circular interchangeable. Project Bag from The Fawn and the Fox Etsy shop.

Tannery Falls (crochet) by Sara Delaney. In Summer 2016 Pom Pom Quarterly. Yarn Men by Ito Yarns. Colourway ‘natural’. Kinu by Ito Yarns. Colourway ’ Chili Pepper. Hook Knitpro Black soft handle 5mm.
Project Bag from Knit and stitch bits etsy shop.

Sock Blanket. All of the Yarns lol! added a mini from my In Bloom colourway (pink), Knit picks hawthorne (green) woodland colourway and started a square in the dusted dreams.

Blanket Blitzing
And Lisa of the Sock Yarn Swappers group on Ravelry got in touch with me this week to tell me she’s hosting a blanket blitzing KAL also with fab prizes. Going on from May 27 to August 27. All summer long! There won’t be any sort of goals or finished objects. using the hashtag ‘summerofsquares2016’ on instagram, twitter and facebook.
and Check out the Swapless Swaps.

Ruby Dress from Simple Sew Adventrous Beginner Level due to adding darts to bodice there’s interfacings and applying an invisible zipper. The instructions were well explained and easy to follow.
Pink Polka Dot fabric from Micheal Miller and just standard 100% Black Cotton.

Jedi Mind Trick socks by Cookie A for The Fawn Knits and Pinfeather and Purls podcast KAL ‘Cookiejarkal’.
and the realisation my new yarn might be just perfect for the Wildes Meer by Kristin of Yarngasm.

Jenni jentastk of LoneLarch Podcast
Kristin voolenvine of Yarngasm Podcast


I forgot to mention the Molleux Shawl giveaway generously donated by Mina please join in it is still open. I’ll extend the date to the 10th of June and then draw a winner on my One whole year Podcast anniversary on the 11th the real date was June the 13th but it’ll be close enough 😉

Podcast Show Notes Episode 21

You can find me on Instagram as ‘nessatownley’, ravelry as ‘killtocraft’, and all show notes at Ravelry group ‘Killtocraft Podcast’.

As always I tend to be looking for donantions for future giveaway and Kals, If you are interested in donating and are Maker, Designer, Bag Maker, Fibre creator or anything along the lines of the creative fibre, yarnie or knitty needs and would like to donate to the Podcast please do get in touch.

Wearing:- Briochealicious Shawl by Andrea Mowry Yarn by Baerenwolle all colours on barefoot sock base.

Silver Birch by Louise Tilbrook
Yarn The Wool Barn on Tweedy sock in ‘Terracotta’. Needles- Knitpro DPN Zings. February Box of sox kal

Dad’s Cabled Sweater by Sirdar Hayfield Aran Leaflet 9465
Yarn- Sirdar Hayfield Aran 400g ball in ‘Navy’. Needles – 4mm and 5mm straight needles (Pony) 40cm length.
Every Flavour Stripy Socks by Olivia Villarreal thishandmadelife

I Heart Bees (My design)
Yarn :- In Bloom on Olsen Base by A Homespun House.

I haven’t really been watching many podcasts this week it mainly got interrupted by the fact the new Star Wars movie came out 😀 and the fact our internet has been playing up Booooo!!!

Mermaid of the Black Lake from AHomespunHouse in her latest Sparkle base.
Harry Potter Themed stitch markers and Unicorn Project Bag from Thimble and Thread Makes etsy store. She is a UK seller.

FALLEN IN LOVE WITH:- (Queued/future wips)
Margaretha Shawl by Helene Zechner herrlene

Soulless by Gail Carriger
And I loved it!! It’s such a witty book and the behaviour of trying to be proper makes it more amusing when things improper happen. It can be a little bit raunchy and steamy lol! And the relationship and banter between the two main characters and there friendship is just great.

The perks of being a wallflower
by Stephen Chbosky

Sorry for the wait it’s been a busy week I’ve just managed pluck a bit of spare time to sort them
🙂 Happy Weekend folks xx