photo 65AEBCAF-4321-4C59-AAA0-730D382C9F49-204-00000009CBDB2BC4_zps2d2045f5.jpg

You Will Need:-

  • 6oz Soft Margarine
  • 6oz Caster Sugar
  • 2 Medium Eggs
  • 60z Sieved Self Raising Flour
  • Grated Rind of 1 lemon.

For The Topping

  • Juice of Lemon
  • 3-4 Slightly heaped tablespoons of granulated sugar.


  •  A 7″ x 11″ cake tin OR two 7″ diameter Sponge Tins. Line the tin(s) with aluminum foil.

 photo 53D8BF4F-F315-4F54-A13A-6FEE568E71B4-204-00000009CB1D8BFD_zps497db4a4.jpg

Cooking Times

20-25 minutes, gas mark 4-5 (375-400F) or the same settings as for a Victoria Sponge. (170-180c for a conventional oven or 160-170c for a fan oven)

Ready To Cook:-

  1.  Mix the grated lemon rind with the sieved flour.
  2. Beat the margarine with a wooden spoon until soft.
  3. Beat in the caster sugar until it’s a light and fluffy texture.
  4. Beat in the slightly beaten eggs one at a time with a little of the flour mixture.
  5. Fold in the rest of the flour with a metal tablespoon.
  6. Turn mixture into prepared tin(s) and cook as above.

While Cooking:-

  1. Mix together the Lemon Juice and the Granulated Sugar.

When Cooked:-

  1. When the cake is cooked stand the tin(s) on a cooling tray, prick the surface of the cake all over with a fork preferably and spread the Lemon/Sugar mixture evenly on top.
  2. Allow the cake to cool.
  3. When cooled lift out the cake and open out the foil and cut to size, the bigger the better in my mind!


 photo 61C7DFD6-C33A-4C1B-9E0B-217E0780A3BC-204-00000009CA5BFDA1_zpscca47810.jpg

This beautiful sponge is soft, tangy and will bring some zing to your tea mornings.

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