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Tegna by Caitlin Hunter


Show Notes:- 

Welcome to Killtocraft Episode 4, Podcast and knitting friends, Hope you are all well and knitting your socks off! Here some notes and low down on this week’s show!

Big Thank you:-

Thank you to all friends and followers who have liked, shared and spread the podcast love, it means a lot to me to have such lovely and great people surrounding me and every one of you deserves a pat on the back from me lol!

Also a Big Big Thank you to Mina from ‘The Knitting Expat Podcast’ who shared the show on her latest Podcast, Episode 19. Mina is an amazing Person and I’ve over the past 3 weeks been catching up on her episodes so it was so lovely and such a big shock and joy to find she’d shared and said such lovely things about me and the show, Again Thank you and please check out the Knitting Expat Podcast it is a great show and Mina shares such lovely things about her life in Bahrain, including her knitting, sewing for her Etsy shop and her two lovely kitties that pop in for a nosey from time to time! You can also find her on Instagram as ‘Minaphilipp’ and Etsy as ‘Minamakes’.

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This week’s big news about where you can find me is now over at the Kill To Craft Podcast Forum page, which I thought was maybe time to begin. This I find ever so slightly daunting so come and join in the antic’s lol!

 FO:- My only finished object this time was the test knit I’d started last episode which was to be completed in a few days for the release of the pattern, Go! By Dreareneeknits (Andrea Mowry). The Hat pattern was knitted in Fyberspates Scrumptious DK and worked in the round on magic loop with my Knitpro Dreamz interchangeables.

WIP:- Test Knit for Socks by Bryony Tofton knitted in some spare King Cole 4ply merino blend.

Greco by Courtney Spainhower from the Summer 2015 Issue 13 of Pom Pom Quarterly progress may have seemed slow and just as I was about to get fed up but I managed to pick up my dragging needles and get some pace going. I had a slight set back in progress as I stupidly finished the front and realised I’d knitted over too many stitches and had to rip back to the armholes and then started again. I’m currently knitting the I cord ties on the back before I start the sleeves.

I’ve made some slight alterations to my knitted version because I noticed that both back pieces had more rows that the front which to me wasn’t right so I made them match my front and I also didn’t do the garter stitch at the shoulder over all the stitches I left the Back edging in stocking stitch to run up to the top! I also did the three needle bind of from the wrong side of the garment so it didn’t leave a chain ridge along the shoulder which I didn’t like. Now being knitted on my Pony 40cm long 4mm straight metal needles.

Curiosa Mkal by Racheal Coopey great pattern I’m really enjoying it however behind I am, still finishing off the end of clue 2 due to hospital visits and working on finishing my Greco this has been put aside a little bit more so I best try stay away from any spoilers!

I haven’t started any new things just yet as I’m concentrating on getting my Greco finished for the Pom pom quarterly Summer Kal.

Hoardings:- Baerenwolle Baerfoot Sock.

Sirdar Heart and Sole 4ply sock yarn in new colourway ‘Twist and Shout’ shade 165.

Size 6 beads from Justadaydream etsy store. These are for my Canopy shawl when I start. A Big thank you to Dani from ‘Little Bobbins Podcast’ for being so kind and helpful by participating in a knitterly experiment for me. You’re a star!

The Knitter’s Book of Socks by Clara Parkes, look at the patterns Here.

Briochealicious by Dreareneeknits (Andrea Mowry). You can join in with there KNIT in COLOR knitalong on ravelry Here.

Animorphia Colouring Book.

Bookshelf:- Finished Reading ‘Comet in Moominland’ by Tove Jansson.

Currently Reading ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood. 

Sometimes we are gifted with great friends who realise our need for more yarn, so about 8 years ago I did some unpaid work for my best friend. I helped her create knitted characters for her animation ‘The Little Red Plane’ and out of this work she gifted me a skein I’d fallen in love with. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug Sock Yarn and it may not be hand dyed or anything special to most but to me it holds a lot of memories and for that it was one of my most beautiful and special skeins in my stash.

It’s gone unused for way too long and so I decided after seeing the Simple Picot Sock pattern that it would be perfect for my summer feet to enjoy! maybe not through the day with shoes on it would be way too warm however wearing around around the house on a cooler evening is always comforting. These I’ve named my first toe up socks, I’d started a pair years ago but gave up on them I wasn’t keen on the pattern and yarn combination. I loved doing them the opposite way around and even more so appreciated the much neater toe. Although my kitchener is neat this toe up method might be for you if not.

There’s a lot of different methods out there to creating a picot edge however the method on this sock is the best in my opinion, it comes out so neat and even, I can’t fault it at all. The method is knitting in stocking stitch and then work a round creating an even amount of yfwds coupled with k2tog’s, continue with more stocking stitch and fold it over halfway through the eyelets and lightly sew the edge inside the sock. It’s perfectly neat and tidy, unlike the many pick up and cast off picot edgings of which i’m not keen.

The pattern is avaible from Pom Pom’s site for Free.

And you can view the video for ‘Little Red Plane’ here.

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Slippers, Socks and Stockings!

All of which seem to want to jump on and off my needles recently!

I’m on a knitted footwear binge!

So last Friday after a week long delivery of knitting goodies I cast on the Fika Socks from the Spring issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. The pattern is by Maribeth White and is a simple but pleasurable knit and is aided by the use of such beautiful fibre yarns. For this particular project I decided to indulge and treat myself to some special yarn. Something I’ve never knitted with before that would bring a cheeky and happy smile to my face when knitting it up. So after much searching on Loop Knitting I fell head over heels (mind the pun) for some The Uncommon Thread ‘Tough Sock‘ I pick a shade named Tourmaline which I think is best portrayed in the photo below. I also wanted something for that little bit of striping in the toe but rather than using some old excess left overs I decided to have a nosey for some mini skeins. I found that Loop also stocked the cute and beautiful Madelintosh Mini ‘Unicorn Tails‘ which may I add is unbelivably gorgeous and soft. I spent ages browsing the colourways but my favourite was the neon yellow shade and well named ‘Edison’s Bulb’. I cast on the first sock last Friday and I only have 9cm left to do, so there coming on nice and fast. My favourite thing about these socks though was the ablility last Friday late afternoon after work whilst it was quiet was to sit down with a coffee and some biscuits and watch videos and practice the 1×1 rib Tubular cast on. It always feels good to still be learning something new from a hobby, it’s highly refreshing and pleasing.

Betty Lace Stockings

This is just and update but both stockings are coming on well as you can see! And although I haven’t worked on them a massive amount I’ve still been making some gradual progress through the week. They feel really soft and look like they will stretch nicely to may thighs when finished.

Next up the Wanderers Mukluks this is a pattern I found recently amongst my ravelry searches that is just craving to be begun. These particular pair are my favourites and are knitted in Malabrigo Worsted which I have just bought a skein of for a future hat project. All being well if it knits up nicely I’m tempted to by more to cast on these beauty’s. Aren’t they fab?

Image from Northcountryknits.

I tell you this month I’ve gained some kind of knitted footwear fetish where will it end…. 😉

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So Sorrel…. The one bit of knitting I did in January that I failed to post about! I know shame on me, right!!!

So with the Winter issue of Pom Pom Quarterly in my grasp I feel in love with both hat patterns. I’m going to tell you something most of you might not remember, I used to have  dreadlocks a few years ago. This mean’t I had a ton of big, slouchy knitted hats of which I loved wearing and knitting. Although once the big chop happened my handmade hat collection went from massive to zero in the space of a ten minute hair cut. No longer was my head big enough to fill my hats.

However I’ve never re filled this collection and my mum always said through my years growning up that I have such a good face for hats.

So with this and two new hat patterns to choose from I purchased some King Cole Merino Blend DK and cast on for the beautiful Sorrel. I adored the little laced arrows pointing toward the crown and the added pom pom was so cute it made it!

Such a great pattern and would suggest everyone to pick up your needles and cast on your very own, it was such a joy to make!

Here’s mine fully finished..

The only tip i’d suggest is not to heavy block out the hat especially around the rim where the rib needs to keep it elasticity. I’d suggest a damp towel over the top and steam press with the iron just around the crown and main lace pattern to make it more defined.

I’m certainly attracted to a good blue yarn, so what do you think?! x

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My Completed Coronis Sweater

I stayed up till midnight on Thursday getting this beauty finished just so I coud wear it the next day for work, I know I’m not the only one out there that does these things! I can lack a little sleep for my craft!

On Thursday I had the last repeat on the sleeve and the ribbing to work through and then a few ends to sew in on the sleeve from the colour repeats. Thankfully I’d planned ahead a few nights previous of this and spent the evening sewing in the ends from the other sleeve and body so I wouldn’t have to do as much work later. I love planning ahead.

I started the project right at the end of October and started the yoke of the fifth size and knitted a slightly deeper rib. After doing a full pattern repeat I noticed staying on the fifth size would be a bad idea my body and sleeves would have been why too big so on the coming increase row I increased to the fourth size and it pretty much continued as plan sailing.

I’ve still be concidering a cut and graft to add on some length in the body but for the time being I’m going to leave it cropped to wear with dresses. I have wide hips and don’t think it’s too flattering for my figure but with my 50’s styled dresses it will look adorable.

The pattern is Coronis by Emiley Ringleman and is only available through Issue 10 of Pompom Quarterly.

The yarn used Rico Fashion Nature DK and worn with a  Midi ribbed grey jersey from H&M

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I’m kinda of ready for a new year although 2014 wasn’t all that bad in some ways. So how was everyone’s Christmas? I’m hoping it went smoothly for you all.
Today’s post is all about what’s on my needles? but before I go into all that for first time this year I have a little dog model that wants to show off to you all his Christmas present that I made for him.

Remember the Santa’s Little Helper Doggy Snood I made for Danny well here it is fully worn in all it’s glory!


When we took him on his Christmas morning walk everyone passing by was admiring it, isn’t he a sweetie? It’ll keep his ears warm.

But for now What’s On The Needles?

A few days back I would have said my boyfriends driving gloves were on the needles however I managed to get them complete before his return home. Phew!!

So whats left throughout all this Christmas Knitting? my Coronis Sweater by Emiley Ringleman which needs much attention now. It’s been settled in my knitting bag waiting for me to pick it back up and finish off the sleeves. It was published in the Autumn issue of Pom Pom Quarterly and I’d had my heart set on making this sweater just from the cover photo alone.

I’ve had most of the body completed by the end of November and have been aching to get it finished. I’ve fallen in love with top down constructions, this year I’ve made the Chickadee Sweater and the Coronis both of which are seamless free top down beauties.

I almost feel that all sweaters should be made this way no matter what lol! So for my Coronis I picked up some nice shades of Rico Nature Fashion DK in a Plum, Grey and Cream shade.

I decided part way through the yoke to change to the four size so I decrease appropriately and I’m glad because I fits a dream, I wouldn’t have wanted it any looser. Also for my neckline edging I worked it deeper than it said. I literally love playing around with a pattern. I also like a longer sweater due to having hips so I gauged the length to another Cropped Sweater I have and decided to make it longer in the body. I’m going to make the sleeves longer too as I’ve got enough yarn left. So this is how it looks so far…

I’m hopng to have it complete so I can join in on the Pom Pom Winter Kal on Ravelry. So what do you think?

I’m promising myself more top down sweaters for 2015.

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