A few months back I created the Luminescence Hat which carries with it a Large Pompom. There’s probably many tutorials online with images possibly of higher quality than mine however I wanted to support my Readers and Knitters by supplying a page on my blog where they can go and find the extra information they need to complete the added extras to my patterns or just to learn new little things that come in use.

How To Create A Pompom

You will need :-

  • Scissors
  • Big Wool Needle
  • The Yarn
  • Two Circular Pieces of Card (both with a centre hole cut not too small or too big, this counts also for the outer circle as this effects how big your pompoms are) or A pompom maker.

The Things You Will Need.

Step 1. Get your Wool and Scissors and Cut 4-5 (depending on thickness of yarn as needs to fit into the needles eye) long strands of yarn used to rap around your card multiple of times. Then thread the yarn through your needle.


Yarn on Needle.

Step 2.  Holding both pieces of card together, pull the needle through the centre of the card and hold the thread to the back of card, then putting the needle to the back of the card and threading through the centre hole again, continue working around until the centre hole is tightly filled with yarn. You may have to repeat steps one and two till the centre is full.


Thread yarn through and around till centre hole is full.

Step 3. Below is how your card should look, leaving enough yarn for sewing before you go onto the next step.


Example of a filled pompom.

Step 4. Holding the Pompom on it’s side, separate the wool slightly till you can see both pieces of card resting together. Grab your scissors and slip them between the two pieces of card and snip the wool around the edge as shown below.


Slide scissors between both cards cutting the wool as you go around.


Example of how it will look.

Step 5.  Now separate both pieces of card and cut a reasonable length of yarn and wrap around the centre of the pompom between the card, knot and tighten. wrap the yarn around again, knot and tighten. Then holding the centre tighten with your hand carefully slide the pompom free from the card circles.


Secure the centre with a few wraps and knots of yarn.

6. You then have your Pompom to trim and then sew to your garment. The one below is an untrimmed sample but it can look like this.


I hope you liked my simple tutorial and hope you rate it well and share it as needed!

I’m happy to have helped. x

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