As you know from my previous post I’m working on a new project just for me, a bit of a treat to knit someone else’s patterns and not have to write the instructions first before beginning. Although knitting other designers patterns sometimes come with new lessons to be learnt and new techniques to be researched. Due to being slightly adventurous, I can’t just make things easier for myself.
Chickadee Sweater onto the sleeves now.
I’m knitting my first top down sweater with fair isle, the original instructions is actually for a cardigan and you can tell from this I’m going to have a bit a challenge. I’ve literally just gone with the flow and taken all backwards and forwards issues with a pinch of salt or with a pinch of my mind. I finished the yoke and this week I continued with the next part of the sweater which was the short row shaping, I’ve done short row wraps before but some of the wording in the pattern confused me but only because I’d never come across the technique to make your wraps invisible. When told to knit wrap together with stitch it completely baffled me, I thought many of things at this point. Did the instruction mean to knit the wrapped stitch with the next stitch, surely not due to that being a decrease which would alter my stitch count. I literally started to worry about doing the sweater wrongly, so I decided the best step was to ask the kind and lovely people on Ravelry’s Ysolda Group.

After a quick post and an hours waiting for a reply all was put to rights with a kind link to Purl Bee’s Tutorial on short rows.

The tutorial shows you how to pick up the wrap that sits around your stitch and knit it together with that stitch to make the little wrapped pip invisible and hidden away. I’d never even done this before all of my previous work with wrap rows had included the pip. This shows that working from other people patterns from time to time can help even the most professional of people to learn new techniques and advance a bit further. I’m rather impressed with myself and I’m now onto the sleeves. x

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Chickadee Sweater

 Beginning my weekend with a new project which I’d been procrastinating about for the past two weeks mainly for sizing reasons. Then when I thought I’d happily picked which size I was going to commit too I picked up my grey main colour and tension sampled it. I found it was knitting to a worsted weight tension of 20 stitches to 10cm, rather than DK weight of 22 stitches like the other colours I’d purchased.

Then I managed to find some Click DK ‘Grouse Grey’ in a sale and snapped it up. A perfect swap to the previous Grey I had stashed away (I’m saving this for a further modification sweater), the other yarns used were out of the Country Style DK range. Straight away I started doing some calculations for a size 36″ bust to compensate for the difference of not having front borders any longer. I cast on my Chickadee and with a bit of worry and confidence I just went for it. I always like seeing grey sweaters and accessories but never seem to knit any so I’m excited to add a little grey into my life, sounds odd when springs on it’s way!
Chickadee Sweater

Then on Saturday we had a drive in a friends classic Mercury and visited the local Classic and Hot Rod Cruise where after a few hours 6-8pm I got a tad cold and retreated back to the car and happily did a bit of knitting whilst the lads talked cars and had a wonder. I was quite pleased and content that I’d gotten to squeeze some knitting time in. I will literally knit anywhere without shame lol! :D I’d gotten myself all excited about actually having something to finally knit and wanted to crack on with it.
Chickadee Sweater

It’s my first ever fair isle yoke garment I’ve knitted and first top down so I’m looking forward to learning something new about shaping. It’s great as well to use the knowledge I’ve learn’t over the years to finally adapt a garment than having to follow a pattern 100% step by step. After a few hours today cracking on with it I’ve gotten one row left of the fair isle and I’m onto the rest of the sweater and shaping. I think the yoke has some slight puckering but for a first time I’m rather proud and impressed with myself. I’m thinking a bit of pinning and steaming at the end will help flatten and neaten it out a tad.

If you’d like more information on the pattern Chickadee go here, it’s also available in the book ‘Little Red In The City’. Wanting to flow my project page and see any updates that’s Here on Ravelry.

What do you all think? x

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The second series of The Great British Sewing Bee has been up and running on our TV screens since February the 18th. Every week we’ve been anxiously and excitedly watching in anticipation to see who’s out and who may win. Its been the highlight of my television viewing and whilst working in a business full of ladies who like crafts, we’ve literally all been tuning in.
The day after its airing on the BBC we’ve all been returning to work with our own views and discussing our favourite garments and supporting the contestants. Its been so interesting, I’ve learnt so much about sewing, patterns and pattern matching on fabric. Its almost been swaying me to dig out my sewing machine and dusting the cobwebs off it.
Even Will enjoyed and it must take a lot for a man to agree he’s been entertained by a talent show on sewing. He was generally interested and gained knowledge on how garments were put together and watching the progression of the contestants through each weeks challenges. So after seven weeks of wonderful television viewing we come across the final and last episode of the series. What will we do now?
When asked who I wanted to win my answer was Chinelo, however the second part to my answer was that the winner could easily change anyway depending on how they preformed the tasks in the episode. My fully support still went to Chinelo I loved her designs and her ability to create something without a pattern. Purely brilliant for the few years she’d been sewing.
I always thought that Heather was very consistent with her sewing skills but always stayed too safe, which she openly admitted. When she made that beautiful tie and the stunning taffeta dress I knew that there was a chance for her and as they judged via the challenges of that day it worked to her favour that she executed her garments well with sheer pride and confidence and pumped some excitement into her creations. Well Done to Heather for the first place. Everyone in the show deserves a congratulations though as they all worked hard and bought a much needed sewing inspiration into my life. I’ve decided this year I’m going to give the sewing machine a bit of practice and buy some reasonably easy to manage fabric for a couple of tops. However until next year my television viewing will be back to it’s usually night time viewing of old British sitcoms, comedies and antique shows. x

Pussy Willow 2

Yorkshire’s finest April drizzle is under way but we have been seeing some beautiful blue skies.

Blossoms have been flowering, bushes become bushier and trees are getting their green.

Nothing better then to perk yourself by venturing outside and taking a few snaps of the Spring season.

Looking forward to the weekend walks, photo taking and evening drives.

What are you most looking forward to doing now Spring is on it’s way? x


So I got under way with finishing off the first sleeve, which I’d started about two weeks previous. With work being busy and over time been needed my play time had to be put aside for later so all knitting or designing was to a screeching halt! Since finishing the garment I’ve also had another much need rest as you know why.

Vintage inspired topThese Sleeves should have worked out quite simply but before knitting a second sleeve or sewing it in I’d decided it was best to give it a checking over. This was possibly the best move with the rest of the sweater going super well it’s natural to doubt yourself. So I thought I’d spend a little time and tack up my sweater body and first sleeve, I was super glad I did.
Just seeing it tacked in I could see ample spare knitting like a loose baggy skin, so I slipped it on and I was correct low and behold. Bingo wing, the sleeve had too many increases in the side edges that it had created a floppy unattractive sleeve on the underarm. Very unflattering.
So chuffed I’d decided to wait till seeing it on otherwise I’d have been ripping back two sleeves and re-knitting.

Vintage inspired top


Whoop for good ideas, It only took me another few break times and a few hours in the evening and I were happily casting on the second sleeve. It was almost plain sailing. I’m very much looking forward to showing you all this design, I’m excited to see how much you all love it.

My Favourites 

Knittedbliss – Modification Mondays, Peplum Sweater. I’m definitely going to make myself this just found I have some grey wool that’s more worsted than dk, perfect.

By Gum, By Golly – Fox Hat. This is just stunning handy work.

Katie’s Beauty Blog – Thinking #1 Body Image. Great and inspirational piece, we all have hang ups but we are also all beautiful in our own ways.

Bleubird – A Needle and Thread. So get embroidery portraits, beautifully impressive and left me speechless you should check them out!

My Wishlist

Namasta Circular Needle Case, Pinning Tailoring Mannequin and Knit Back In Time By Geraldine Warner.

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Afternoon Friends,
I’ve decided it’s time to start again with the posts to give me a motivational push forward. I think we can all understand you can rest and mull over things more and more but it isn’t going to make it or you feel any better.
I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been doing this last week whilst going through a bit of hardship; I still managed to pick up those needles and carry on with a small bit of knitting here and there. With one design almost written and fully knitted I decided to have a break from designing with my granddad passing and focus more on resting for a while. These past few weeks and months have been full of hope, love, bravery and sorrow. At times it’s been so hard and tiring to cope with and even though it’s still very fresh I’m managing to put a smile on my face like he’d have wanted and push on through.
I’m taking each day as it comes, I’m trying to be positive and keeping my day to day life as normal now as possible.

Me and my Grandad together! X

Me and my Granddad at Bridlington Harbour with our Ice Creams.

We spent so much time together whilst I was growing up and even though he wasn’t 100% well then he was at least still very mobile and content. I’m very lucky to have had shared those times with him and spent at least every day with him, he was the most doting granddad I could have wished for and nothing will ever fill that space in my heart it’s still saved for him.

 I wanted him to have a part of me to take to the other side, I knew he’d love that so much. I didn’t have much time to make anything massive and design anything so I’d  decided to make something. I wanted to make him a flower pin to wear which I’d give him at the Chapel of Rest and create one for myself. I’ve previously browsed the book ’100 Flowers To Knit And Crochet’ by Lesley Stanfield and so figured it would be perfect.
Over the past couple of weeks a lot of questions have been asked about my granddads life when he were a young lad and what he liked in general and reminiscing our times spent together and sharing memories, so amongst these questions were ‘What was his favourite flower?’ My mum told me he was always a romantic and loved to buy my nan the traditional red rose as it signified his Love. I’ve also always admired red roses and would happily knit my granddad one. Then with the Funeral drawing near I also wanted to make myself a flower to wear that I could keep and would be worn like my granddads flower. Whilst in the process of making I asked my mum if she’d like one made and she wanted a smaller replica of the rose.

I basically made the stem the same as the instructions in the book but made 4 petals and the first  petals had one row between the shaping sections but the rest as the given instruction and the 3rd and 4th petal had three rows between. It created a smaller less weighted rose so it wouldn’t be too bulky to wear on a jacket or coat.

Funeral Flowers

My mum’s Rose and My Lily.

I’d decided upon a Lily the tradition funeral flower, the lily ended up quite longer but with the pin affixed to the back lengthways it didn’t droop so I had no need to alter it. They all turned out beautiful and I were very happy to give and pin on his rose and give him my goodbyes.

It still doesn’t feel quite real that he’s gone but I know he’s not faraway. X

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I was intending on posting a few days ago to announce that I might be away for a few weeks with family issues and hospital visiting however whilst I’d taken time to write half of the post I then gotten very sad news with the loss of my Grandad.
I don’t like the idea of sad posts but he meant every thing too me and so over the next few weeks or so you may see less posting but I didn’t want you to think I was off forever.
I do however think if I might need a distraction from it all a post may make an appearance.
It’s so hard he cared for our family very dearly and worked hard for us all to live happily. We spent most of my childhood together and so a lot of who I am as a person is due to his wonderful up bringing.
I do want you all to know that like Arnie, ‘I’ll be back!’.

I just don’t want to be adding too much stress of creating posts and making sure I blog this day and that so I figure I’d give you all a heads up. I’ll be trying to keep my chin up and bring you lots of knitting fun when I get my head back in order. x


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