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So a few weekends ago some of you may have noticed me and my boyfriend skipped the city life for a bit of seaside breeze and quality time together.
I’ve been working in the office hard to meet deadlines which are due to be complete roughly around the end of August, we are literally rushed off our feet and doing everything we can to get work done on time. So as you can probably understand I’ve been needing a break away.
We can’t always afford trips away but we budgeted extra well this month to just make sure we could throw some petrol in the car and make our escape for our favourite seaside ‘Whitby’.
If you were in Britain that weekend you will probably have known about all the stormy weather that hit the country so we were being risky and due to the online Whitby webcams showing a dry morning we set off anyway from the rainy weather of Wakefield hoping that we’d not collide too long with a rain or thunderstorms whilst there.

 photo E25EC91A-BCAB-43D6-941A-F7F7E5F914A7_zpsmiw0hseu.jpg
Our journey was beautiful as we went over North Yorkshire Moors and Will took me on a spontaneous detour to the small village of Goathland, I’ve never been before but the village is something quite special it was the filming location for ‘Heartbeat‘. I was brought up on watching Heartbeat on a Sunday evenings with my parents and so it was beautiful travelling through the countryside, past the local old styled railway station and into the small village. To my amazement I’ve literally never seen so many free to roam sheep in my life they were every where.
We then continued on our travels to the seaside and Will won the ‘Who can see the sea first’ game. Although it was hard to tell the mist and sea had become one so I let him have it!
We parked up at about 10:00am and set off for our walk to town and spent the first part of the day visiting the shops and walking the front of the harbour. We had a small nibble of sea food for our lunch and saved the Fish and Chips for tea. My boyfriend treated me to a lovely glass deer from The Whitby Glassworks and I stayed very restraint at ‘The Bobbins’ Wool Shop. We did climb the 199 steps to the top where the Whitby Abbey is but didn’t venture inside I’ve visited it before. Even got ourselves a friendship bracelet  each on the market to show our love.

 photo 4608C0AB-AECF-435B-987F-9A23B23FC663_zpsxahnfem6.jpg

By the time 3 pm hit we took ourselves over to the Pavilion on the sea front, I’d spotted The Seaside Vintage Fair 2014 was on from my ‘Vintage Life’ magazine and went for a nosey before it closed for the day.
Whilst looking over the tables there were some lovely items but one little one in particular caught my eye. A little cat ornament only priced at £3, not just any cat ornament I had one of the same kind at home in a different pose. I’d randomly bought at a local charity shop a few years back never thinking I’d find another like him. I didn’t even hesitate whether to get him or not I feel in love with him like I feel in love with the first!
 photo AB9F3408-4412-4A91-8E58-D361B02939CF_zpsguznfua8.jpg
It was a lovely Vintage Fair and is due on again October if any of you are nearby or passing Whitby.

 photo 7E248140-867B-4ED4-B0EA-D837FC517FA1_zpsxyvpib3w.jpg
After the fair we went back to the car to take our purchases back to the car and the heavens opened so we kept quite content in the warm of the car watching the weather pass by as it threw it down. Thankfully we weren’t waiting too long and we set back out on our journey for the fish and chippie tea. Once I’d attacked by two seagulls for my fish and got out ice cream deserts we had one last wonder before we headed off on our trip home.
 photo 274C436A-D1D2-433C-948A-DC93DCA49F37_zpsyjujt6rx.jpg
It didn’t all quite end there though we drove through a few coastal towns such as robin hood bay and Scarborough to soak in all the other local seaside atmosphere. Can’t wait for our next day trip away they are always very special too us.

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I firstly spotted this book in Waterstones a few months ago upon reading the blurb it sounded such a sweet read and looked forward to picking up a copy for myself. Just a couple of weeks later I spotted a Blogger Friend (Lisa from Mathilde Heart Manech) on Instagram had picked it up for some of her summer reading and kindly offered to send it off for me in post once finished. A couple of weeks later at the back end of June I received my little parcel but was trying to be good and finishing reading all those half left books till I could pick up a new one. With that mission fully complete on Monday I was happy enough to crack open this new little book that’s been waiting for me patiently.

My initial thoughts based on my reading of the blurb was a wonderful story of a Hen escaping from her working life on the farm to create a new life for herself and make a family of her very own. It sounds such a delightful story.

Upon reading the story it sheds light upon her life as a trapped working hen, her longing for motherhood and unconditional love that only a mother can give to her babies. It shows a mothers sadness as she quickly watches her baby grow up and learn about the world and letting go so they can literally in this case spread there wings.


Even though it is such a great read and has it’s heart warming and caring moments it also tells us a lot about the realistic natures and relations these animals would have to each other and there place within the working farm life. It shows us that animals in their natural habitat are always preyed on and there’s a food chain that must be provided for. It’s sometimes a harsh world we live in and even though it was such a great story it did upset me, it does get really sad at the end.

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I’m very much girlie when it comes to playing with my collection of nail varnishes, in fact my collection is starting to look quite vast. Every now and then though I notice the massive collection and varieties of blues I own. After researching for another future tutorial it gave me the inspiration to play while I wasn’t too busy.


 photo 2BE67195-1D7D-44D6-930F-80B416AAD12A_zps0nfmvcea.jpg
Grab your two nail varnishes, Top Coat, Cotton pads, Varnish Remover. My Varnishes were Barry M 317 Blue Moon and Barry M 312 Indigo. The top coat I tend to use is Sally Hansen it always dries nicely and evens out the nail varnish coat underneath.


 photo 77119296-921F-4737-9CCB-84196D9FEAB1_zpshcrtajtw.jpg
Using your light blue shade work one coat and leave to dry and then work a second coat and leave to dry.


 photo C69E9CE3-AFAB-4FFD-8A0C-209FC57C7D01_zpsjhrjxmqj.jpg
Using your darker shade of blue work one coat over the top of your light blue and leave to dry fully other wise the next step won’t work well enough. You don’t want to go smudging the nail varnish so it’s lumpy and bumpy.


 photo 76F20D51-6AA3-47D4-9032-DFE76DD84F89_zpsnseowxh1.jpg
Using your cotton pads and nail varnish remover, soak the pad well  so it’s damp all over then lightly and careful working from the cuticle down the nail surface lightly brush down the nail to preferred washing, you may notice that the side edges stay dark so if you prefer them to be lighter make a little tip with the pad and brush lightly down the side edges.

And there you have it beautiful acid wash nails, just remember to be patient and let the coats dry first and you’ll have some rocking nails. x

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New Vintage Inspired Design
The garment is knit up as a close fitting top with a high neckline plus an elegant contrast chain stitch edging. The pretty back neck is low and scooped. A deep ribbed edging to pull in over the hips into the waist and slim half sleeves for a more classic feminine fit. The garment is made so it’s reversible.

Knitted in pieces and sewn together. The design is a fully written instruction. It’s a simple and effortless design with attractive shaping and details. The end result is a versatile and elegant top that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Suited for evenings, office and daytime wearing, it would look fabulous teamed with a pencil skirt or Capri length trousers.

Free Download Now Available from Ravelry.

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Living your life to the full is important and trying new things at least once in a while is my motto especially when it comes to food and taste buds. One item of food cooked, preserved or seasoned different can all change whether you enjoy it or not.
Living is even greater when you come across a new first is it not! Almost something to be proud about in fact, I still often say to friends ‘oh I’ve never tried that’ or ‘what’s that taste like?’ I’d much prefer to say I’ve tried something and be able to advice or inform an opinion. When you get older first times are few and far between, it’s strange but you begin to notice them a lot more when they happen and relish over it with great pride. You announce it like an excited child with that first time innocence but all those first times have made you what you are today and given you wisdom.
Every first time love, experience and knowledge deserves a good shout out in my book especially if it:-
1) Brought happiness
2) Broadened your horizons
3) Given you a new love
4) Tasted blooming amazing.

For a long time now I’ve admired the Macaron for there beautiful colours, when visiting Paris and browsing through the patisserie windows I wanted to try and eat them all! I’d always been tempted by them but was very unsure if I’d like them I was never quite certain what they were made of for some strange reason I thought they contained Coconut, which I’ve been keen on since I tried a bounty when I was six.
Much to my joy and love when I found they were Meringue based.
*Cha Ching* found my new favourite sweet product.
So when they were played up all neatly in front of me at the wedding I grabbed the chance or the Macaron to try one! A big pink one which melted and crumbled in my mouth. However now I’ve tried and flavoured them I now would love to spend a little time making them.
 photo 02ACE2FB-248B-4005-98AA-6F7DE6DF448E_zpselhayi9p.jpg
If you have any tips or recipes to share please do I’d love to hear from you all!
Until then though I’ll have to find my local retailer for a fix! X

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These past few months I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been on an ENORMOUS reading mission. It started as just an innocent get these out dated reads finished but I’ve also ended up buying more books to add to the book pile. It started with ‘Christine’ by Stephen King, then moved onto ‘ The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath and at this current time I’m tucking into the pages of Tove Jansson’s (Maker of The Moomins) ‘Sculpture’s Daughter’.

The Bell Jar was also a book I picked up a few years ago and I have no idea as to why I only read it halfway through because it is such a great book.

I heard plenty of mixed reviews on this book but I really think people shouldn’t pass judgement until they too have give some time and devotion that the book deserves.

It touches on so many topics that women will fully understand and relate too whilst also going over subjects that in those times and still sometimes today had a great amount of stigma attached too them.

It’s such a powerful read and shows the thoughts and struggle of Ester Greenwood’s journey in and out of the asylum. If like me you have endured through tough times of depression and came out of the other side having learnt how to cope with our own mind, then I say to pick up this book. I would also advice though after reading half of this book don’t pick it up at a night before bedtime as it’s quickly becomes a strong read and you want to drop off with calmer thoughts on your mind.

To continuing on my reading streak I’m really looking forward to joining in the Oh Comely Book Club next month. I’m a happy subscriber and so filled in a quick and simple form and carefully pick a book from there suggested listing and will receive my free book in a few weeks time. I took into consideration the couple of weeks reading time and picked ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’  by Shirley Jackson. Why not subscribe and join in the summer reading. xx

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I figured whilst I’m having some quiet time over my Three Mint tea I’d share with you the recent family wedding from a few weekends ago.
We travelled down South on the Friday afternoon to be with Wills mum and partner Tony to share the weekend with them to celebrate their Wedding day.
 photo 2E1FC8A3-9DF4-4834-934B-DF3E6A91482C_zpscalgkioo.jpg
The main day Saturday hit us with a buzz and whisked by so quickly with all the getting ready and celebrating.
They had beautiful weather all day so couldn’t complain and no hiccups where made. Table was helped being set, make up and hair wasn’t too stressful and the button pins were fastened on without drawing blood!
 photo ED41ADCD-DEB6-4853-95AE-4B9D631439D7_zpsdstpbzyn.jpg
We dressed up the tortoise to make him feel right for the occasions helped him fit in!
The ceremony itself was small but beautiful I got to watch my handsome boyfriend proudly walk his mum into the ceremony.
 photo 2AE326E7-0900-4D92-988A-7F59B375F9AF_zpspvz2m9ij.jpg
Above:- The beautiful wedding party. X
 photo F32242A5-D621-433A-9CDB-98FD5F1F372F_zpsmdi0cpgz.jpg
Later we all went back for drinks and buffet to celebrate such a great day and the happy couple opened there cards and gifts. Our present was a much loved and giggled over Billy Idol Vinyl of ‘White Wedding’ we couldn’t help ourselves.
We had a lovely time, I got to enjoy my new polka dot dress and I didn’t embarrass myself too getting drunk! All a great success. X

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