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These past few months I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been on an ENORMOUS reading mission. It started as just an innocent get these out dated reads finished but I’ve also ended up buying more books to add to the book pile. It started with ‘Christine’ by Stephen King, then moved onto ‘ The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath and at this current time I’m tucking into the pages of Tove Jansson’s (Maker of The Moomins) ‘Sculpture’s Daughter’.

The Bell Jar was also a book I picked up a few years ago and I have no idea as to why I only read it halfway through because it is such a great book.

I heard plenty of mixed reviews on this book but I really think people shouldn’t pass judgement until they too have give some time and devotion that the book deserves.

It touches on so many topics that women will fully understand and relate too whilst also going over subjects that in those times and still sometimes today had a great amount of stigma attached too them.

It’s such a powerful read and shows the thoughts and struggle of Ester Greenwood’s journey in and out of the asylum. If like me you have endured through tough times of depression and came out of the other side having learnt how to cope with our own mind, then I say to pick up this book. I would also advice though after reading half of this book don’t pick it up at a night before bedtime as it’s quickly becomes a strong read and you want to drop off with calmer thoughts on your mind.

To continuing on my reading streak I’m really looking forward to joining in the Oh Comely Book Club next month. I’m a happy subscriber and so filled in a quick and simple form and carefully pick a book from there suggested listing and will receive my free book in a few weeks time. I took into consideration the couple of weeks reading time and picked ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’  by Shirley Jackson. Why not subscribe and join in the summer reading. xx

I figured whilst I’m having some quiet time over my Three Mint tea I’d share with you the recent family wedding from a few weekends ago.
We travelled down South on the Friday afternoon to be with Wills mum and partner Tony to share the weekend with them to celebrate their Wedding day.
 photo 2E1FC8A3-9DF4-4834-934B-DF3E6A91482C_zpscalgkioo.jpg
The main day Saturday hit us with a buzz and whisked by so quickly with all the getting ready and celebrating.
They had beautiful weather all day so couldn’t complain and no hiccups where made. Table was helped being set, make up and hair wasn’t too stressful and the button pins were fastened on without drawing blood!
 photo ED41ADCD-DEB6-4853-95AE-4B9D631439D7_zpsdstpbzyn.jpg
We dressed up the tortoise to make him feel right for the occasions helped him fit in!
The ceremony itself was small but beautiful I got to watch my handsome boyfriend proudly walk his mum into the ceremony.
 photo 2AE326E7-0900-4D92-988A-7F59B375F9AF_zpspvz2m9ij.jpg
Above:- The beautiful wedding party. X
 photo F32242A5-D621-433A-9CDB-98FD5F1F372F_zpsmdi0cpgz.jpg
Later we all went back for drinks and buffet to celebrate such a great day and the happy couple opened there cards and gifts. Our present was a much loved and giggled over Billy Idol Vinyl of ‘White Wedding’ we couldn’t help ourselves.
We had a lovely time, I got to enjoy my new polka dot dress and I didn’t embarrass myself too getting drunk! All a great success. X

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These past couple of weeks have been very busy and hectic and rather than making it busier I’ve taken the chance in pursuing some reading. I discussed this at the being of the year as a way to better myself in the New Year I would read more! It didn’t really start off anywhere! Until this past month and I’ve been catching up on some old books that have become a permanent fixture over the past two years. I have a habit with books of reading half and then having a long break, I return to them and finish where I left off! I’ve decided to nip this dirty habit in the bud and finish my outstanding reads. The first one I’ve recently just finished is Christine by Stephen King shame on me, it took me two whole years because I put it down about half way through and although it’s a long read it’s an amazing story. I love American Classics and my Mr has a big love for cars so I should have gotten through with more pace. I have to say though I’m glad I didn’t watch the film first it’s not anywhere near has good and would have put me off reading the rest. Although it left me feeling that Christine is still out there! :D brilliant read. I’ve now moved into finishing The Bell Jar I’ve gotten to the part where it is now no longer suitable as bed time reading material as it’s a bit too dark for settling.
What you ladies and gentleman reading? Anything good to recommend?! Please share your reads. X

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Top Left:- Date Night we went to see Godzilla and it was greatly better than I expected. Top Right:- Beautiful Blue Skies. Bottom Left. Finished my Fizz test knit and Bottom Right:- Treated myself to some charms I can remember getting a big box of these as a treat when I was little I used to beg at the supermarket for them lol!

 photo DA9569E9-DFF5-4EA8-8453-3AED492B7ABA_zps0ugog88z.jpg

Top Left:- Awesome VW Van spot, Bottom Left and Right side:- Travel Scrabble perfect thrifty find for Father’s day will go lovely on the new caravan holidays away.

 photo 166BED63-3463-46E7-B757-834F5D4B9177_zpsi9jw0yqf.jpg

Top Left:- Future book added to my Bedside table I’ve heard good things about this. Top Right:- While Will was away I challenged myself to my own full rack of ribs and chips, Challenged completed! :D Bottom Left:- Catface checking what I was doing. Bottom Right:- a colleague brought in her patchwork, just amazing.

 photo FBEBEAC8-9874-42A1-9520-D6E3ACD011FF_zps2mvuxzxx.jpg

Top Left:- Knitting myself the Grey Gardens Headband from Knitty, Top Right:- Spent the afternoon in a field with a few friends promoting a local festival and up and coming Concert Venue (Unity Works), Bottom Left:- Funny faces and Bottom Right:- Will makes such good tasting burgers. :)

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Top Left:- Got given a lovely 1959 Dressmaking Book I’m hoping it will help me start up my sewing machine, Top Right:- A lovely Treat through the post from the great blogger ( Thank you Lisa, it’s going to be added to my summer reading. Bottom Left:- Mollie Makes arrived and a LYS moved closer to my home so I purchased more yarn. Bottom Right:- A few beautiful thrifty finds.

This month has been a lovely month full of car boot trips and super cheap finds. I’ve also spent this month focusing on a bit of spring reading not cleaning lol! dusted the cobwebs off some outstanding half read books. How’s your month been? x

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Well we come to the Final part and 4th of my Fizz Test Knit series. I should have posted this onto the blog last week but I was lazy and put it aside for one week I’ve been wanting to make headway with a book I’m reading and so it was priority number one last week. I’m not far away from the end so I figured before the weekends reading takes hold I’d finish the posts on the Fizz Test Knit, I don’t want you thinking I’ve forgotten.

The next stage to this pattern was sewing two threads up the centre which you use by knotting one end and gather up the knitting in the centre of the top this will be covered up by the placket.

Next was to do the front placket, which runs up the centre of your top and you can decorate it with buttons. I decided after not being able to find buttons that I liked right away to leave mine plain I’d rather do that than just decorate it for the sake of it.

The front placket is picked up in the centre of your top on the last round of your waistband. Most of the time when picking up it done on a side edge for neckband or front borders this isn’t, it’s picked up in the centre of the knitted fabric. When I first started picking up for this section I found it fiddly and with all honestly it frustrated me.

When picking up for a border you pick up with the yarn from behind the work and pull the loops up and through your knitting. When picking up through the centre of your fabric the yarn needs to be at the front. I’d get some stitches on the needle and when trying to pick up another a few would drop off in the tussle. Due to it not being that many stitches I decided after a short while to just pick them up the same as you would with a knitting needle but use a crochet hook and then slip them off the opposite end onto a knitting needle. So  I’ve done a mini tutorial here to show you how to go about pick up with the a crochet hook

 photo 09AB776C-5318-4347-B0BA-55BEC4DCA866_zpssmtffc8m.jpg

Top left:- slip your crochet hook through a full stitch. Top Right:- wrap yarn around the hook. Bottom Left:- and pull through. Bottom Right:- Continue wrapping the yarn over the hook like you would if you were knitting.

 photo D7580B9B-48C1-4989-9F2B-5343892CC7C2_zpslksnpgyl.jpg

Next thing is to slip all the stitches you’ve picked up back onto your needles your using and work back and forth.

 photo 09FF50C9-4828-45A4-9F18-8745E43CB75B_zpshwtaewml.jpg

This is what it looks like once been picked up.

Once the stitches has been picked up you will see the bumps behind but because the placket lays flat over these bumps you want see them just remember to thread your loose end through to the back of your work so it’s hidden out of view, just like below.

Next is to pick up for the straps, now I decided at this point to try in on with my bra and see where the centre would sit and where I would like to pick up for my straps it’ll give you a good idea of placing and I just slipped in a couple of place markers ready so I could pick up evenly at these points. I picked up just at the back of the I-cord on the line where you change to the contrast colour.

I have to say I really enjoyed working on this pattern and for a first time test knitting I think I was very successful and gave greatly detailed results to help the designer as best I could. Although the summer weather has really been all its cracked up to be this year in Yorkshire but I’m sure I’ll be able to get out sometime soon. Here’s a snap shot of the end result for you all, isn’t it smashing.

You’ll be glad to know as well the pattern has been released today on Ravelry and you can purchase it from UntanglingKnots Ravelry Shop. Available for purchase at £3.92.

And I hope you liked and found my four parter helpful to your crafting needs.
Fizz Test Knit, Part 3.
Fizz Test Knit, Part 2.
Fizz Test Knit, Part 1.

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Just another quick post to show my appreciation of the crafting world. I found this gorgeous pattern yesterday pop up on my Twitter feed. At one point I was never too keen on Twitter and I joined it when it first came out but then stopped using it because I didn’t catch on to all the hype and usefulness that Twitter has of passing on snippets of info, dates or thoughts. I re-joined in the fun again about a year ago and have been slightly hooked on it ever since. Anyway back to the pattern I noticed by the very talented OwlPrintPanda. The patterns name is Ardence and actually comes as a set of both an elegant lace scarf and hat, both knitted in Malabrigo’s sport weight yarn ‘Arroyo’. I’m hoping she won’t mind me sharing one of her pictures so you can see the beautiful design. I was so in love with the pattern I decided the Ardence Hat will be my next project on the needles and I’m crossing my fingers and toes it will look super cute with my short hair cut. I’m sure we’ll see in a future post.

Also if you want to pick up this great pattern and show your support to an indie designer she’s doing a reduced price for the Ardence set on Ravelry for only £2 with the coupon code ‘Adrence’ which is on for only another 2 1/2 days. If your unsure how to do the coupons on Ravelry you can add a pattern to your cart and from your cart you can add a coupon code.

It’s just so pretty I can’t wait to cast on. I love a touch of lace.


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On odd occasions I like to show my love for other bloggers, crafts people and creators if you will.
Today I want to share with you Lydia Tresselt I viewed her work for the first time a few years ago and was impressed by the beauty of the characters she creates. Lydia specialises in crocheting her Animal/human dolls. I personally like them because they remind me of little children dressing up in onsies or cute costumes. I adore their careful and cute details, like the small beaded eyes or animal ears and tails. Even the fact that they have accessories such as scarves or bags give them added personality and beauty. Everybody will have there individual favourites but mine are Loni the Lion, Roco the Raccoon and who wouldn’t adore Lupo the Lamb.

All of Lydia’s creations are available on Ravelry Download or on her etsy shop where she also has n offer on for 3 patterns for 15 euro or 5 patterns for 24 euros. Go over and check them out there’s something for everyone Mermaids, foxes, dragons and even a catus plant. x


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