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It’s not that I’ve not been wanting to post but some times the body is in need of a break and with stress of work I’d rather rest than make myself unwell with unnecessary pressures. With it being one of the busiest part of the year for us at work I’ve been stressed so much it’s even been putting me off my knitting sitting doing knitting related things in the office and then coming home to see more knitting also taking work home where ever possible. I haven’t even been able to face picking up my needles and I’ve felt little inspiration when looking through magazines instead I’ve turned to reading. Nothing seems to be filling my creative and focussed mind though like a good bit of yarn and stitching.

In the much needed busy season and needing a holiday before I start to pull my hair out  I managed to get away for a trip to our favourite summer car festival and catch up with those friends we only get to see usually once a year when we all travel from all sides of the country. So even though the busiest times are still ahead I feel quite happy to have had some escapism where I couldn’t be reached camping in a field, chatting, laughing and eating with such great people. Due to this good feeling I decided to do a little post to say I was still hear and hadn’t left you all behind. Some times life just calls for a much needed time away so you can come back bright and breezy!

So whilst arriving home I am planning some future posts one including my first sewing project, what I’ve been reading and a post on a few vintage sewing pieces I’ve gathered on my walk-a-bouts.
Hopefully soon that knitty feeling will come back… X

This tote resembles exactly how I’ve felt this past week and ‘Happy’
I love this tote I think the fact it has a touch of colour rather than the plain cotton or canvas just makes my day and what girl doesn’t love a good fluffy cloud or two.

This tote comes from ‘SecretGardenTwo‘ where all the lovely gifts are handmade and print with beautiful photography. Her photography is just beautiful with an added feeling of nostalgia. All these bags are available in three sizes  13×13, 16×16 and 18×18″ it’s nice to have a variety and over at secret gardens they have that with plenty of great images and little slogans.

Go over there and make yourself a bit happier!

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 photo 2EE26016-8181-480B-8C93-E284D22F8ABB_zpsnnzlto4o.jpg

Given the old girl a clean up!

I’m finally attempting a new craft! One I haven’t tried out since I was a young en’ at school in technology classes. I’ve had a sewing machine for a good four years now and was really happy when I got it as a present but I’ve been a bad crafter and I’ve let it collect dust. I have a love of vintage clothing and I read a good few sewing blogs and read in admiration when I see the beautiful wears these ladies make on a daily basis. I’ve always feared spending all that money on beautiful fabric and find I make a mess of it. However practice makes perfect right?!?

So putting that into perspective I rummaged through the remnants of fabric at one of our local stores and picked up a good couple of sized pieces. I found some plain white poly cotton and some nice flowered vintage looking fabric that had a white background so they went perfectly together.

They are a good combination for a learner as it’s not too complicated that I have to think of joining the pattern but it will give my plain tee a bit of interest and excitement.

I’m also not going into my first pattern and keeping it standard. That’s right I’m working on a Vintage 1982 Style pattern 3828 bat wing or standard tee with turn back cuffs, being daring I’m adapting it slightly by making the body under the armhole in the flowery fabric and using the white poly cotton for the above armhole. The only question I’m slightly needing answering is the fact that the white poly cotton is slightly thin and so when doing my neckline I have to turn fabric to the inside and you would be able to see it from the outside when wearing. What to do? If you have any ideas It would be super grateful the thought had crossed my mind to double up the fabric but that just adds to more questions for me.

Either way I’m looking forward to learning a new craft and finding a joy in something new that I think I’ll be able to execute well.

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Sculpture’s Daughter by Tove Jannson
Sculpture’s Daughter was given to me in February as a birthday gift and even though I had plenty of books on the go I started reading it anyway. The book is written by Tove Jannson the creator of The Moomins. Either way I put the book down after a a bit for my knitting and picked it back up to finish it.

Such a beautifully written book the stories are written as Tove as a child with innocence and naïveté. She describes much loved memories of her childhood but also shows a gaining of knowledge, understanding and questioning the world around her. The book is quite reminiscent of The Moomins as she goes on her little adventures. It is a great read and was so happy to receive it as a birthday gift. :) x

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Welcome to my happy New Feature ‘Project Bag of the Week’. A bit of regular material for my lovely knitterly audience or just general love of crafts and shopping. Project Bag of the Week is intended to perk up your craft storage and carrying with style and quirkiness.
I recently went on a hunt for a new project bag as my previous tote is old and has become a whole new grim shade of beige around the bottom. Whilst on my search I found so many beautiful ones that I would love to share, so I decided I’d update you with a new project bag each week.
First up….


Ceridwen Hazelchild Designs is a great ‘Project Bag of the Week’ to start with due to her fabulous and warming Illustrations literally all the tote bags available in her shop are just astounding. There is a tote for everyone whether you love tea, knitting, flowers, buttons or gnomes. You will also find Ceridwen products to be very environmentally friendly which I definitely like to see with there 100% fair trade cotton or 100% natural canvas if preferred. The illustrations are all her very own and brighten up the day or your shoulder!  If I’ve made you curious of her work I highly recommend you nip over to ceridwenDESIGNS.

I’ve got one of these totes now on my wish list and I think you should add it to yours.

Also if your a designer/seller of handmade project bags/cases or totes and would love to showcase your work please get in touch I’d love to hear from you. x

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I’ve been joining in on the #craftyaugust Instagram posts and so here’s my update for the first few days of Week one.

Want to follow and watch my crafty month more up close follow my instagram link below or join in all you have to do is use the prompts for each day and tag it with #craftyaugust

Day One ‘Say Hello’

 photo E2BB1565-73C3-43C9-B59A-0E8C5BBCE9F0_zps8etg1x8x.jpg

Day Two ‘ Favourite Material’

 photo 1A179E82-5F50-46D0-8468-0BB9CE83937B_zpswrpfjs39.jpg

Day Three ‘Workspace’

 photo 3C3ADE91-51E7-4B8F-873A-649BAB4C8AD5_zps12vdfaba.jpg

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 photo 2E1FC8A3-9DF4-4834-934B-DF3E6A91482C_zpscalgkioo.jpg

The wedding Day First important event of July was my boyfriends mums wedding to her now husband Tony. Beautiful day!

 photo AECBA261-07DE-442E-BAC1-066482DD8FA1_zpsd1zghvuq.jpg

Two of Wakefield Local Outside Music Events were held, Top:- Sticky Shoes Held by The Orangery and Bottom:- Clarence Park Festival held by Wakefield Music Collective

 photo CBDEE93E-D38E-460A-AC65-6AD74375EF2E_zpsc0hdynbw.jpg

I haven’t talked about my knitting much recently but this month I got this fellow completed for my little brother he’s a robot named R.O.B from the old Nintendo games the toys are quite rare and so I promised him I’d design and knit a version for him. He was super surprised I had it finished and loves him.

 photo 156D7880-7BF4-4BA3-867D-0849AD055BF6_zps7yy4kewi.jpg

Whitby Our trip to the seaside.

 photo 3851DCC1-9C3D-4468-8B89-A500277D73D4_zps749emwhg.jpg

Acid Wash Nail Tutorial Posted my first of many to come DIY’s for you all to enjoy.

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