Slippers, Socks and Stockings!

All of which seem to want to jump on and off my needles recently!

I’m on a knitted footwear binge!

So last Friday after a week long delivery of knitting goodies I cast on the Fika Socks from the Spring issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. The pattern is by Maribeth White and is a simple but pleasurable knit and is aided by the use of such beautiful fibre yarns. For this particular project I decided to indulge and treat myself to some special yarn. Something I’ve never knitted with before that would bring a cheeky and happy smile to my face when knitting it up. So after much searching on Loop Knitting I fell head over heels (mind the pun) for some The Uncommon Thread ‘Tough Sock‘ I pick a shade named Tourmaline which I think is best portrayed in the photo below. I also wanted something for that little bit of striping in the toe but rather than using some old excess left overs I decided to have a nosey for some mini skeins. I found that Loop also stocked the cute and beautiful Madelintosh Mini ‘Unicorn Tails‘ which may I add is unbelivably gorgeous and soft. I spent ages browsing the colourways but my favourite was the neon yellow shade and well named ‘Edison’s Bulb’. I cast on the first sock last Friday and I only have 9cm left to do, so there coming on nice and fast. My favourite thing about these socks though was the ablility last Friday late afternoon after work whilst it was quiet was to sit down with a coffee and some biscuits and watch videos and practice the 1×1 rib Tubular cast on. It always feels good to still be learning something new from a hobby, it’s highly refreshing and pleasing.

Betty Lace Stockings

This is just and update but both stockings are coming on well as you can see! And although I haven’t worked on them a massive amount I’ve still been making some gradual progress through the week. They feel really soft and look like they will stretch nicely to may thighs when finished.

Next up the Wanderers Mukluks this is a pattern I found recently amongst my ravelry searches that is just craving to be begun. These particular pair are my favourites and are knitted in Malabrigo Worsted which I have just bought a skein of for a future hat project. All being well if it knits up nicely I’m tempted to by more to cast on these beauty’s. Aren’t they fab?

Image from Northcountryknits.

I tell you this month I’ve gained some kind of knitted footwear fetish where will it end…. ;)

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So Sorrel…. The one bit of knitting I did in January that I failed to post about! I know shame on me, right!!!

So with the Winter issue of Pom Pom Quarterly in my grasp I feel in love with both hat patterns. I’m going to tell you something most of you might not remember, I used to have  dreadlocks a few years ago. This mean’t I had a ton of big, slouchy knitted hats of which I loved wearing and knitting. Although once the big chop happened my handmade hat collection went from massive to zero in the space of a ten minute hair cut. No longer was my head big enough to fill my hats.

However I’ve never re filled this collection and my mum always said through my years growning up that I have such a good face for hats.

So with this and two new hat patterns to choose from I purchased some King Cole Merino Blend DK and cast on for the beautiful Sorrel. I adored the little laced arrows pointing toward the crown and the added pom pom was so cute it made it!

Such a great pattern and would suggest everyone to pick up your needles and cast on your very own, it was such a joy to make!

Here’s mine fully finished..

The only tip i’d suggest is not to heavy block out the hat especially around the rim where the rib needs to keep it elasticity. I’d suggest a damp towel over the top and steam press with the iron just around the crown and main lace pattern to make it more defined.

I’m certainly attracted to a good blue yarn, so what do you think?! x

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What’s On The Needles?

Have you ever opened up a magazine and seen something on that page that captures you? It’s beauty is like no other you’ve ever seen. After staring and anylizing it for a few days and even messaging the owner on Instagram for details. Planning how you’d go about making it and figuring out the maths and numbers, you literally just jump in head first.

I did and too myself I said ‘ This is that knitolutions 2015 project of which exprimentation and colour can hold it’s own’. Now whether you love this cardigan as much as I do is just a matter of personal taste and preference. For one mainly because as you can see below it’s made up of colour squares and that’s not always to peoples taste and nor mine realistically. However, it gets me into a more fun adventurous knit and being a lady who owns a lot of black in her wardrobe this could work to an advantage key piece of knitwear.

Anyway this is only in it’s early stages of 6 squares and theres plenty more to make so it might be ready in a few years time.


Next Project… Oooo yes there’s more than one!!

This here is a lunch time project it’s the Tofts Alpaca Shop Pom Pom Mittens, if you are a Mollie Makes subscriber you’ll have possibly recieved this pattern in one of there magazine suppliments. I’ve just completed the first mitten today and it’s pompomless for the time being. I really loved the shape and they’ve been wonderfully easy to make. I did take some stitches out of the garter stitch cuff as I knew casting on 17 sts would be way too many for my tiny wrists. Overall this one fit perfect so just to make the second one alike.

Last but not Least …

 The Betty Stockings, my lovely mum bought me the Knit Vintage book as she knows how much I like to browse over old patterns as well as the new. I got asked a few weeks ago if I’d started anything out of the book, which I hadn’t but the pattern that most captured my attention was the Betty Stockings. I have in my wardrobe lingerie to facilitate a nice pair of grey stockings, so I treated myself to the exact yarn and shade as the pattern required. The yarn is Bergere De France ‘Angel’ 275 metres per ball and required two of, it blend is of Mohair, acrylic and polyamide but is so soft it’s unbelivable. Whilst knitting you have to be slightly careful until you gain some rhythm and a feel for the yarn. Over all it’s wonderful and I’m enjoying every minute of knowing I’m going to be able to wear these. I’ve popped them both on the same needle to knit together so the lengths match and the stockings are done on straights so you can have the vintage seam that runs up the back of the leg. I thought was a lovely touch.

Only one thing that bugged me was the 2×2 rib set up as *k2, p2, repeated, I hate the untidy sewng of a k2 to a p2 so I altered that to a K1, at each end so it will run up and match with the back seam perfectly into the rib.

Seemed like a well executed plan (Sewing Pun Intended) x

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It might seem a bit late to be sharing with you my knitting resolutions for the new year, however surely it’s a good sign that I’m still positively following my own made demands. A few weeks back we were asked on the Pompom group on Ravelry to share some of our resoultions to be discussed on there latest Pomcast 9 where I also go a small mentioning :D If you’ve never listened previously it’s a lovely friendly show with guest Erika Knight. Other than that after it was aired I wanted to further share these resoultions with you all, so here we go…

This year for me is more about Consideration and Playfulness.
Last year my goals were more work based until March when I grieving for a loved family member that went out of the window. I then started to enjoy knitting for me again and not a purpose so I want to focus more on that this year.

1st – After reading ‘Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads I’m going to focus on knitting more and want to open my palette range and enjoying other shades of colour rather than returning to the same 4 (favourite) colours.

2nd – I still have plenty of knitted garments that are shop bought because they fill in the gaps, I’d like to start filling in that gap with my own hand knits because that perfect staple black yoked cardigan should be one I made, right??

3rd – Remember to treat myself out of my budget once and a while to something luxurious so I can start occasionally replacing some of those lovely skeins I have saved aside.

4th- Making plenty of new friends and joining in some Kal’s where I can join in the fun and sharing.

I feel this will inspire and fuel my knitting year :)

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This post was inspired by a friend of mine Lea over at A Freeze Frame.
Loving eating healthier through the day by taking a big ‘nibble box’ as I call it full of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and crunchy leaves.
Thinking about investing in a set of my own Knit pro interchangables, I love them so much but can’t afford a set.
Eating garlic bread and filling up on pop :D I’m such a kid!
Struggling to exercise, keeping fit is harder than I remember lol!
Wondering when my glasses will be ready.
Listening to Woolful Podcast, if you haven’t heard an episode yet I swear you need to get on it. Fast!!
Making I’m onto my second pompom project and making ‘Sorrel’ from Issue Eleven.
Feeling so very happy and settled at the minute.
Dreaming I did dream yesterday that at work they split the room in two and put up a wall to keep the noisey ones out. Thats a nice thought lol! :D
Finding a moomin bedshirt on sale for £3 has made me so happy, very cute find.
Celebrating my Birthday on the 6th February :D balloons, cards and cake!
Watching Game of Thornes season two I’ve had some catching up to do, It’s amazing.
Reading Choke by Chuck Palanuik, I feel like I’m almost re-reading fight club which I read last year! Next Book = New Author.
Enjoying knitting with King Coles Merino Blend dk.
Hoping My first ever pair of glasses actually suit me! I think I picked them a bit quick.
Wishing for a better nights sleep.

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My Completed Coronis Sweater

I stayed up till midnight on Thursday getting this beauty finished just so I coud wear it the next day for work, I know I’m not the only one out there that does these things! I can lack a little sleep for my craft!

On Thursday I had the last repeat on the sleeve and the ribbing to work through and then a few ends to sew in on the sleeve from the colour repeats. Thankfully I’d planned ahead a few nights previous of this and spent the evening sewing in the ends from the other sleeve and body so I wouldn’t have to do as much work later. I love planning ahead.

I started the project right at the end of October and started the yoke of the fifth size and knitted a slightly deeper rib. After doing a full pattern repeat I noticed staying on the fifth size would be a bad idea my body and sleeves would have been why too big so on the coming increase row I increased to the fourth size and it pretty much continued as plan sailing.

I’ve still be concidering a cut and graft to add on some length in the body but for the time being I’m going to leave it cropped to wear with dresses. I have wide hips and don’t think it’s too flattering for my figure but with my 50’s styled dresses it will look adorable.

The pattern is Coronis by Emiley Ringleman and is only available through Issue 10 of Pompom Quarterly.

The yarn used Rico Fashion Nature DK and worn with a  Midi ribbed grey jersey from H&M

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I’m sure most of you can imagine how pleased I was after joining a Pompom Quarterly Giveaway to find out I was the winner and just before the Christmas holidays. I couldn’t believe it I was jumping for joy in the office shouting out that I’d won lol! Anybody would have thought I’d won the lottery, well it felt like it to me.

For my first look in to Cirilia Rose’s designs where the Berroco 302 Vintage and Vintage Chunky Book in 2010 this collection for me was small but full with timeless, classic garments and the colours used were of a subtle dream. Then my growing love for her work when seeing her Collabaration with Stephen West in ‘WestKnits book 5: Midgard’ she’d design 4 out of the 10 designs and each one has a kick of colour and vibrance. This is another reason I appreciate her work, a keen eye for colours and not to fear them but to embrace them and try new things. Knitting for me is mean’t to brighten up those everyday garments and lift them up with a tweek of colour or a touch of texture, which she also touches on in her new book ‘Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads

UntitledMagpies, Homebodies and Nomads is separated into three sections as the book title indicates, I won’t spoil things too much but the first section is for that magpie in us all that hordes pretties lol! With greatly written articles on colour and stylizing, with tips on how to work your next shopping spree. The patterns in this section to me shows flamboyance and dramatic flare and although flamboyance isn’t my usual thing I adore the Isla Cardigan and Marion Collar. It’s such a simple design but with beautiful details I especially love the pleats.

UntitledSecond section is Homebodies, is like most of the knitting population displaying the cofy and relaxed side of life and why we like to nestle away on our sofas with our next project on the needles and our recent project draped around our shoulders keeping us content and warm. My favourite designs in this section is the Loro Vest which is beatiful no doubt but I’d personally want to add sleeves, I’m a lover of good sleeves. Secondly the Heima Slippers when I first saw these I fell head over heels for them, making me think of cosying up in the winter months with warm toes, with just enough room to add socks underneath them too. The Articles in this section discuss Inspiration but from other sources the types of inspiration that are more personal to you, like filmakers, artists and music. Also how to substute a yarn for a project. I’ve personally begun to understand this process more from working in the industry but it’s still something I have to think about myself like fibre content, drape and gauge are all strong factors you gradually learn to understand.

UntitledThe Third and last section of the book is Nomads, travellers who are taught something new from visiting places. A new lauguage, a new culture and new fashions can bring varitey to your life. Cirilia discusses this in an article her finding herself in Iceland, she describes it so beautiful that I’d love to visit there one day. She mentions how to dress to your surroundings, different climates and cultures. The second article in this section is ‘Thrifting’ I’m terrible for this literally I always scout the shops for new great finds.

I think the most stunning designs from the nomad section is the Rekya Pullover which I love the yoke pattern is beautiful and the fact it has a good is so sweet this is on my queue to knit. Next is the Gezell Coat it appeals more due too it’s shaping it’s just so modern. It’s literally one of the most beautiful knitting books I’ve seen in years, I feel privileged to win a copy.

Thank you Pompom Girls and Cirilia Rose x


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