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Welcome to Killtocraft Episode 4, Podcast and knitting friends, Hope you are all well and knitting your socks off! Here some notes and low down on this week’s show!

Big Thank you:-

Thank you to all friends and followers who have liked, shared and spread the podcast love, it means a lot to me to have such lovely and great people surrounding me and every one of you deserves a pat on the back from me lol!

Also a Big Big Thank you to Mina from ‘The Knitting Expat Podcast’ who shared the show on her latest Podcast, Episode 19. Mina is an amazing Person and I’ve over the past 3 weeks been catching up on her episodes so it was so lovely and such a big shock and joy to find she’d shared and said such lovely things about me and the show, Again Thank you and please check out the Knitting Expat Podcast it is a great show and Mina shares such lovely things about her life in Bahrain, including her knitting, sewing for her Etsy shop and her two lovely kitties that pop in for a nosey from time to time! You can also find her on Instagram as ‘Minaphilipp’ and Etsy as ‘Minamakes’.

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This week’s big news about where you can find me is now over at the Kill To Craft Podcast Forum page, which I thought was maybe time to begin. This I find ever so slightly daunting so come and join in the antic’s lol!

 FO:- My only finished object this time was the test knit I’d started last episode which was to be completed in a few days for the release of the pattern, Go! By Dreareneeknits (Andrea Mowry). The Hat pattern was knitted in Fyberspates Scrumptious DK and worked in the round on magic loop with my Knitpro Dreamz interchangeables.

WIP:- Test Knit for Socks by Bryony Tofton knitted in some spare King Cole 4ply merino blend.

Greco by Courtney Spainhower from the Summer 2015 Issue 13 of Pom Pom Quarterly progress may have seemed slow and just as I was about to get fed up but I managed to pick up my dragging needles and get some pace going. I had a slight set back in progress as I stupidly finished the front and realised I’d knitted over too many stitches and had to rip back to the armholes and then started again. I’m currently knitting the I cord ties on the back before I start the sleeves.

I’ve made some slight alterations to my knitted version because I noticed that both back pieces had more rows that the front which to me wasn’t right so I made them match my front and I also didn’t do the garter stitch at the shoulder over all the stitches I left the Back edging in stocking stitch to run up to the top! I also did the three needle bind of from the wrong side of the garment so it didn’t leave a chain ridge along the shoulder which I didn’t like. Now being knitted on my Pony 40cm long 4mm straight metal needles.

Curiosa Mkal by Racheal Coopey great pattern I’m really enjoying it however behind I am, still finishing off the end of clue 2 due to hospital visits and working on finishing my Greco this has been put aside a little bit more so I best try stay away from any spoilers!

I haven’t started any new things just yet as I’m concentrating on getting my Greco finished for the Pom pom quarterly Summer Kal.

Hoardings:- Baerenwolle Baerfoot Sock.

Sirdar Heart and Sole 4ply sock yarn in new colourway ‘Twist and Shout’ shade 165.

Size 6 beads from Justadaydream etsy store. These are for my Canopy shawl when I start. A Big thank you to Dani from ‘Little Bobbins Podcast’ for being so kind and helpful by participating in a knitterly experiment for me. You’re a star!

The Knitter’s Book of Socks by Clara Parkes, look at the patterns Here.

Briochealicious by Dreareneeknits (Andrea Mowry). You can join in with there KNIT in COLOR knitalong on ravelry Here.

Animorphia Colouring Book.

Bookshelf:- Finished Reading ‘Comet in Moominland’ by Tove Jansson.

Currently Reading ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood. 

NUNOCO ‘based in the UK’

Colourway ‘Antique Rose’ a blended Merino Tops 90% Merino Wool and 10% Milk Protein. 100g of fibre!

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to pick up and dust off that old drop spindle of mine and pick up where I left off!  Whilst on the search for spinning fibre I came across the Nunoco Store on Etsy! By gosh there batts and blended tops in a gorgeous array of colours won me over! All careful picked and blended by the lovely team Candy and Lora who very kindly and helpfully gave me advice on being a beginner in the spinning that a blended tops would be a better choice and explained the idea of batts too me which was greatly appreicated, So whilst on my search I here you ask what did I grab…!

This colourway is subtle but gorgeous, a beige/cream with hints of rose pink and leafy green when spun it creates a yarn that is very neutral but with little delicate touches of colour!

The fibre was beautiful to spin with and has a great staple length for a beginner to work on but not just that it was unbelivably soft, I’ve spun with merino previously but it wasn’t as smooth and soft as this tops was, it was like spinning candy floss (cotton candy) but less sticky!!

Candy and Lora also enclosed a lovely and caring message to me as I weren’t too well at the time and even enclosed two sample packs of the Merino Marina and Lagoon to try and also to see the colours up close which is bad for my wallet but great for my spindle because I’ve now popped the Lagoon on my wish list :D

I recieved my package in the post but a few days later, so my gosh it arrived prompt and fast, the perfect shopping and crafting experience! I’ve already knitted up my dk weight skein of the Antique Rose and it even gets softer after washing. The fibre is really warm so my new hat will be saved for wintertime wearing!

What I loved most about this shop was the well considered colours of the batts and tops if I had a choice up close and personal to pick them I’d struggle I’d end up bringing most of it home, but not being close to see them shouldn’t put you off it’s worth every penny!


2015 Coop Knits Mystery Sock Knit Along. £3

Most of you will know what a knit along is and most will  also know what a mystery knit along is! But have you been involved in one yet?! I hadn’t but know I am I’m joining in and most of you will have seen Racheal Coopey’s sock designs before and even knit them but if you haven’t like me now is your time to do both!

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry and each week you get an installment or ‘Clue’ which is a part of the sock pattern to knit up. It’s very exciting I’m waiting for the third installment was posted this week. With another clue after that so get in there and cast on some socks and join in the Kal thread over on the ravelry forum.

DREA RENEE KNITS ‘based in the USA’

The 100 Stitch Slouch $4.80

I’m highly reccomending this hat as it”s a perfect design for anybody even beginner knitter who only know the basic stitches can delve a little and try out this hat! I already spoke highly about this hat in my podcast but it is a great design with or without a pom pom this hat is spot on with it’s slight slouchy which isn’t over powering and it’s lovely  fit around the head which I found to be just right  it wouldn’t fly off in the wind at least! i’m not keen on a loose fitting hat I like to know it will stay on! The constructon is made in the round work from the brim to the crown of the hat of which I used the magic loop method, I’d used my own handspun but it would take any dk weighted yarn just give it a swatch first! Such a great and simple hat design that’s timeless and could make time and time again!

Please Remember if any designers, makers, fibre creators would like me to review a product on the blog or on my podcast please get in touch! I will however only review with kind words for products I believe in and feel suit my audiences interests. Please get in touch there is still space for August’s Woolly post and a future podcast show and tell!

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Hello Everybody back for another episode the 3rd on in fact!

So today the WIPS are as follows:-

Two for the time being Test knits so there both secrets, i’ll annouce when there available and show off the FO’s.

Again the Greco by Courtney Spainhower.

Also Curiosa Mystery Sock Kal by Racheal Coopey so spoiler alert will be given!!

Today’s FO’s are as follows:-

‘Kevin’ The Kiwi (free pattern).

Yarn shares:-

The Wool Barn ‘Silk Sock’ colourway ‘Faded Jeans’ and there is still plenty of colours left from Maya latest shop update, go take a look there beautiful!

Fyberspates Scrumptious DK (Purple)

King Cole ‘Superwash wool 4ply’ in shade 926.

Posh Yarns ‘Betsy Sock’ colourway Wink Wink.

I hope you enjoy the Show and you can all catch me in the following places, Ravelry I’m ‘Killtocraft’ and Instagram ‘NessaTownley’ and search Killtocraft Podcast on Youtube. Remember if you like to ‘Like’, ‘share’ or Subscribe so I can enjoy your support as it’s very much appreciated.

Also Check out The Fawn Knits Podcast on youtube and on Lara’s Etsy Store!

Thank you again for Viewing and Happy Knitting

With everything you’ve got to start somewhere! I’ve always wanted a handmade blanket of my own but doing hundreds of square at once just seems so long winded and dauntingly dull! Until I watching all these podcasters out there showing off the beautiful Scrappy Sock Blankets or ‘Cozy Memories Blankets’ which ever name you’ve donned for yours, these blankets are amazing!

Every one that’s created are unique and made with much love and consideration! hundreds of sock yarn left overs are gathered and knit up whenever there are scraps at hand which makes then no mean feat! Lots of squishy different fibres popped into a pick n mix array of beauty to eventually drape over you and your loved ones over the winter months! Sounds Dreamy to me and how can so many beautiful knitting ladies be wrong!

That’s right I did begin my very own as I friend of mine calls them ‘Dingle blankets’ lol! You might have caught the first peek of it in my first Podcast episode and it’s growing slowly but surely and I’m not even slightly feed up the fact that I can pick it up in between as I feel I need to knit a little something this blanket has become a dream. My need for starting sock yarn projects has grown though to keep me in kind supply of scraps! Even my boss has donated sample yarns she had lying around at home to keep me busy. I’ve got a feeling making these colourful blankets would put a smile on everybody’s faces there greatly fulfilling and relaxing.

Although my blanket is still in it’s early and small stages at 9 squares I know it’s going to grow into it’s self at a good rate. I love the idea that at some point I will have an almost mood board styled blanket full or yarns, colours and memories, it’s so personal!

So here’s how I went about mine, Its constructed with four different kind of squares as detailed below in the pattern and all are worked in a garter stitch pattern with a mitred decrease, mine all run in the same direction however you don’t have too if you prefer the extra scrappy blanket look :D

1 square should measure 10cm x 10cm on 2.75mm needles (This isn’t crucial though to make a scrap blanket like this it’s just a guide to what I wrote mine too)

  • 4ply sock or fingering weight yarn.
  •  Hiya Hiya  2.75mm, 40cm long circular needle or Needle to obtain gauge
  • Sewing needle to sew in loose ends as you go.


K knit, P Purl, sts stitches, ssk slip/slip/knit, tog together.

SQUARE ONE (Starter Square)

Cast on 52 sts.
*1st Row. (wrong side row) K26, place Marker, k26.
2nd Row. (right side row) K24, Ssk, slip marker, k2tog, k24.
Repeat these last 2 rows until you have 2 sts remaining. Remove marker.
Last Row. K2tog. Fasten off.*

SQUARE TWO (Side Edge Squares:- these make up the right side edge of your blanket)

Cast on 26 sts and pick up 26 sts evenly along top edge of first square (or top edge of any side edge square). 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE THREE (Lower edge Squares:- these make up the bottom edge of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a lower edge square and cast on 26 sts. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE FOUR (Central squares:- these ones you’ll use the most, they make up the centre of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a square and pick up 26 sts evenly along the top edge of a square. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

Not difficult at all! and then when you have a few ends sew them in as you go so it’s not a massive job at the end.

I hope some of you join in on the fun and use up some of those odds and ends rather than throw them away! If not charity shop them some dear knitter might find them and add them to there Sock and Scrappy :D

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Welcome to Episode 2 the Killtocraft Podcast I will make apologize for the background noise and will try to film earlier in the day like I’d orginally intended but due to technical difficulties I filmed about 3 or 4 times, enough to loose count! I will address this issue for the 3rd episode and hope it doesn’t spoil your viewing experience and that you still enjoy the show! I’d like to welcome you all back and thank you all for your support here’s the show notes for you! Introduction by my lovely cat ‘Lincoln’

Knitting Pom pom peds – by purl pee / purl soho. Knitted Zauberball. Greco – by Carina Spainhower. Knitted in Rico So Soft DK

Fibre by Nunoco on etsy – Hat knitted in colourway ‘Antique Rose‘ 90% Merino and 10% Milk Protein. The sample fibres were colourways ‘Lagoon‘ and ‘Merino Marina

The 100 Stitch Slouch by Drearenee Knits waiting to be finished!

The 100 Stitch Slouch by Drearenee knits. Knitted in Nunoco handspun Fibre.

Stash Mirasol Sulka Legato – shade Jade Sea Malabrigo Arroyo – shade Junipter Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades – shade Blue Stripe Ragg Extra Mentioned Patterns Canopy Shawl by Mandrine’s The Shetland Trader Mkal by Gudrun Johnston

Also Mentioned A Homespun House Podcast Manda rine’s Podcast Raincloud and Sage Blog

My ID’s on Instagram :- nessatownley and Ravelry ID:- Killtocraft

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This post was inspired by a friend of mine Lea over at A Freeze Frame.

Loving I won the Canopy Shawl pattern by Melody from Mandarine’s Podcast on Raincloud and Sage’s Giveaway :D
Thinking about all the nice things I could review for July’s edition of ‘Wooly Post’
Eating My first Chelsea bun although I had to take the currents out! I like raisins but not sultana’s so I daren’t risk it!
Struggling to find the passion to finish my crochet tapestry backpack I’m 40 rounds from finishing and I’ve lost the love and passion to continue.
Wondering ………!
Listening to ‘A Homespun House’ whilst spinning some new fibre!
Making Another hat!!
Feeling A tad under the weather still with my sinuses and ears, I might be waiting a while for this steroid nasal spray to take effect!
Dreaming of a being at home with my feet up relaxing with my knitting 
Finding a lot of yarn waiting for me! 
Celebrating My first Podcast episode and planning a more organised episode two :D
Watching Jurassic World on Friday I can’t wait :D
Reading Alone in Berlin still I’ve been reading the same book for two months I need to make some massive reading time and get it gone!
Enjoying My knitting so much recently I can’t get enough
Hoping Everyone enjoys my second podcast when it goes online! 
Wishing My face would stop hurt my sinuses are taking the Michael out of me!

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Feel like I forgot something lol!

So catch me on Ravelry as Killtocraft or on Instagram as nessatownley

So here’s a few bits I mentioned in Episode one for you all.

FO projects:- Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes

WIP:- Greco by Courtney Spainhower (Latest Summer 2015 issue of Pompom Quarterly)

:- The Pom Pom Peds by The Purl Bee (A free Pattern)

and My Sock Yarn or Cozy Memories Blanket

Future Works in progress:- Kensington by Nancy Bush

Yarn I mentioned :- Rico Baby So Soft DK (Greco)

Zauberball Sock (Pom pom peds)

Drops Baby Alpaca Silk (Waterlily)

Tweed Sock by The Wool Barn

Other bits:-

Adventure Time Project bag from Amelia X Joy

June 2015 Edition of ‘The Wooly Post’

See you soon!


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