Dennis is one of my free patterns on ravelry just today I’ve been made aware of a couple of minor mistakes.

Due to no longer having the software I used to create the pattern I can’t access and update the information on the same file type. Until I update the pattern to a newly rendered edition I’m going to add it here for you all. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Nessa x

First Error:- Page 3

Second Shape Shoulder on Back of Top should read as follows:-

Next Row. Cast off 13 [14:15:16:17:18] sts, purl to end. 13 [14:15:16:17:19] sts.

Next Row. Knit.

Cast off rem 13 [14:15:16:17:19] sts.

Second Error: Page 4

After the Neck shaping on both sides I’ve managed to miss out any measurements for the armholes so for the Left Side of Neck you:- Work until front armhole measures same as back armhole before shoulder shaping, ending with a ws row.

And same for the Right Side of Neck but:- ending with a rs row.

Hope that clears up any slight confusion. Thank you x



Show Notes



I Heart Bee’s by Vanessa Townley (Myself). My Project Page.

Every Flavour Stripy Socks by Olivia Villareal. My Project Page.

Turion by Linda Dubec. My Project Page.

First Stash Enhancement Segment
Lovely Package sent by Debbie of Downsheepylane
gifted a package for the #Harvesthatalong2016 and Gifted me a wonderful handdyed sparkle skein of Mudgeon colourway and a Pokémon Project bag. Please Check out her lovely etsy store where Debbie has more awesomeness!

Dave by Rachel Coopey (coop knits). My Project Page.

Adelie by Anna Maltz. My Project Page.

Angelus Novus by Renee Callahan. My Project Page.

Yarndale Chatter
I do apologise for not filming anything extra special of Yarndale I’d had a rough week and I wanted to fully immerse myself in the enjoyment of being there and meeting people, However if you would like to see footage of Yarndale there is a wonderful vlog here by Amy Florence of Stranded Dyeworks which you could Check out! 😀

Yarndale Stash
John Arbon Viola in North Sea Colourway intended for a Quadrillion.

Five Moons Gradient Mini Moons ‘Succulent’ colourway.

Truly Hooked Stripy Sock Yarn in ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ colourway.

The Knitting Goddess DK in ‘Charcoal’ colourway and Brit Sock in the ‘Coral’ colourway.

Hilltop Cloud WIP Tool for Checking spinning consistency.

Beautiful Illustrated Postcards from Pompom Quarterly.

Other Podcasters Mentioned
Dani littlebobbins of Little Bobbins Podcast.
Leigh Louleigh of Louleigh Podcast
Amy AmyFlorence of Stranded Dyeworks Podcast.

Also an Hello to Thuy fishgirl182 of Twisted Stitches Podcast.

We all know Ravelry is an amazing tool for planning projects, it has literally everything you need as a knitter. From logging your projects, stash, browsing yarns and chatting. However, I found an amazing reason to keep somethings written down and all in one place.

Spending my evening making my new knitting planner! Im putting my future knitting preparation in order and it's going to help lots when yarn shopping especially Yarndale!!! 💓💓 😁 I love being organised! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knittingjournal #beingorganised #yarndale #yarndale2016

Last year at Yarndale, I had specific things in mind that I wanted to buy, but these things were for trying out and general wanting to squirrel certain dyers yarns away in my stash. This year I want certain things but not just for trying out sake. I want them to have an end result like a planned sweater or to be shopping with a project in mind.

Reception on phones aren’t always to be dependant on especially in countryside towns and farm buildings. I’d be very mad with myself If I weren’t able to research for a purchase. Like, checking the amount of yarn needed could be crucial if I didn’t get enough or what if I spotted yarn perfect for a project that I’d not thought of in a while? I don’t want my fun to be made more difficult. I can relax in my shopping venture if I have essential notes on me to refer to if needed, It doesn’t mean I’ve got to be strict and keep too it.

My Starting Point was to collect images of all the projects I’ve thought about casting on recently, either through my Queue or my favourites on Ravelry. Then allocating them a page each. A visual is really helpful if a project name isn’t a trigger enough to remember it or where you saw it!

Secondly, it was a good idea to weed out all those projects I had yarn for already waiting in stash by writing the yarn in. That way it’s spoken for.

Third, those without stashed yarn were good for further planning stages. Like noting your yarn ideas (if you have something in mind), weight of yarn, needles and tensions used in the pattern, Size (you’d make) and yardage. You could then even go a step further to work out a cost if you had yarns in mind. Which helps you with budgeting your spending for the day.

Fourth, Other than that, it’s great for adding project notes and postit’s when on the road, if you are shopping and see something perfect for a project but it’ll be for a later date then.. Write it down even clip in a business card as a reminder.

Basically these pages could be used to your needs, desires and general knitting operations..!

With mine, I’ve gone the none expensive route, it’s in the Pukka Pad stage and it works!! With the ring binding I can lay it out flat and open at desks or fold it back into a one handed effort when shopping. Plus you can take it a step further… I’m planning at the back of the notepad all my sewing plans and materials.

Who doesn’t like planning there creations right?!

I know I do!! 😀


I’ve been looking to replace an older store bought cardigan that is the ‘staple black cardigan’ currently in my wardrobe. It’s been on my mind this past year and I figured it would be easier to buy the yarn if I could choose the cardigan. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with Ravelry and searching for the perfect cardigan.

But how do you choose?!

I was firstly looking at them all as options but that was too difficult so I narrowed down some ideas by looking at key features of the cardigan I’m replacing.

  • Top Down or Yoked construction.
  • Fitted.
  • Large waistband and standard length.
  • 3/4 Sleeves.

The only other thing I wouldn’t mind adding to this list is that it’s not too plain. I’ve come to realise I’m one for a pattern or complex knit, it keeps me excited and interested, plus it keeps me distracted when I need it.

Here’s a few ideas I’ve collected…


I love the look of this it’s garter stitch but simple, it’s fitted with lovely long sleeves for the winter but it’s quite high necked! And although Carrie has written this pattern in different weights I think I’d prefer the light version.


I’ve always been a lover of Andi’s designs but I’ve only ever knitted Fizz which was a test knit a long while ago but she was a lovely designer to work with. This pattern is a recent release and I think the neat and simple lace detail would just be subtle and appealing in a black cardigan. It would just be enough interest to keep me happy and the fit and sleeve length is lovely enough I could wear through a few seasons.

Gemini by Cecily Glowik Macdonald

This cardigan most represents my old cardigan which is why I’d be tempted to pick it! but I’m not sure it’s interesting enough, the panel on the back is nice but I’m not 100% keen on the moss stitch borders and how they might gap slightly.

What do you think? Is there any you prefer the most or maybe you’ve also knit them? or could recommend something I’ve not looked at?

These are just a few I’m still adding to my options on my Cardigan Bundle on Ravelry if you’d care to check it out.




Harvesthatlong2016 already has started Chatter Thread and FO Thread.

All rules are in those threads and any questions please ask. I’ve added the relevant links to the Twisted stitches thread in the Killtocraft Podcast Foyer lol!

Conversationalist My Pattern Page.

Oak Crest My Pattern Page.

I Heart Bees My Pattern Page.

Every Flavor Stripy Socks My Pattern Page.

Future Wips
Angelus Novus, Turion, Fleesensee Hat and Perle Cottage Socks.

Postman Has Been

Harvesthatalong Prize donation from Clare the wonderful creator of bags @birdstreetuk
Please check out Clare beautiful shop which is full of amazing bags..
image title

Podcasters Mentioned
Maria of Stitched in Sweden.
Thuy fishgirl182 of Twisted Stitches Podcast.
Barbara knittingILove of Knitting I Love Podcast.
Casey caseymaura of Casey maura’s Creative musings podcast.
Becky of S(tr)inging It Together Podcast.
Anne of Petitweaver Crafts Podcast.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and enjoy the new episode. Nessa xx

It’s in the here and the now!! A new episode 😀 Yay!!!

Not prepared enough for this episode to have done show notes before hand so I’ll edit more up here later (eventually) It was more important to me that I still got an episode up and out and doing show notes beforehand would have meant it I wouldn’t have had time to record. However they will get put up I promise and in the mean time any questions about the episode feel free to ask 🙂

Wips Time:- 2:00
Every Flavour Stripy socks by Olivia Villarreal. My Project Page.
I Heart Bees by Myself. My Project Page.

Spinning Time:- 13:43
Braid from Stranded Dyeworks AmyFlorence.

FOs Time:- 15:55
Dads Sweater by Hayfield Bonus Aran 9465 My project page.

Postman has been Time:- 28:30
Stitch N Witch Enamel Pin from Bombasine
Penguin (book) by Anna Maltz SWEATERSPOTTER
Sample Sale Orange bright awesome yarn from The Wool Kitchen.
Pikachu’s Picnic Braid from Spincity. SpinCityUK
2 Skeins of Lark in Goldfinch colourway bought from destash for my future Oak Crest Hat
and my prize package from Owlaboutyarn

New KAL Announcement!!!!! Time:- 38:58

  • harvesthatalong2016
  • Start 1st September 2016 to 15th November 2016
  • Hosted with my awesome friend Thuy of the Twisted Stitches Podcast
  • Plenty of time to knit plenty of hats and get you and the family ready because Winters Coming!! lol

Finishing up the Post Time:- 43:32

Other Announcements and Group Bits
From Katharina of {Li’be’s} Yarns on Etsy, kindly gave you viewers of the podcast a Coupon Code for her shop. NESSA10 please take a look at her shop and make most of her kind gesture. 🙂

The I Heart Bees KAL continues until Friday the 26th August so it’s closing in on us and it’s time to think of finishing up those amazing honeycomb lovelies and get them in the FO thread. I will draw the winners on the following episode. Thank you peeps so much for joining in and participating you’ve made the kal an absolute joy as always!

Thank you lovelies xx

Episode 26


I Heart Bees Kal still busy making bee socks till August 26th.

Two New Prizes Donations

From ‘Amanita’ Agata Mackiewicz, she has kindly offered one pattern from her shop which is winner’s choice.

From Katharina of {Li’be’s} Yarns on Etsy, she’s kindly gifted us a skein of her ‘Sweet Orchid’ on her sock base.
This will be added to the main prize package for the I Heart Bees Kal.

Katharina also kindly gave you viewers of the podcast a Coupon Code for her shop. NESSA10 please take a look at her shop and make most of her kind code. 🙂

Thank you Ladies for your generous donations to the Killtocraft Prize pot, it is greatly appreciated! Xx

And there aren’t any! Sorry 😦

Every Flavour Stripy socks by Olivia Villarreal. My Project Page.

Tannery Falls by Sara Delaney from Summer 2016 Issue 17 of Pompom Quarterly. My Project Page.

Brother’s Cozy Memories Blanket, DK weight. Pattern is my Sock and Scrappy Pattern.

Finished spinning and plying my fibre batt from Spincity. Batt ‘Neptune’. 3 plied, plied on the fly, DK weight. 111g = 249 metres approximately.

York Top of ‘Doom’ by Seamwork magazine. I’m planning to alter the hell out of this.

Postman Came
Andresueknits on Etsy ‘Sock Blank’ Frankenstein and his bride on her Sparkle blank.

Postman Delivered Gifts
Fibre parcel from a lovely friend.
Braid ‘Shade of Ink’ from Heavenly Wools Etsy
Smaller Braid 50/50 silk and merino from Fibre Artemis
Silk Hankie and some Locks

Thank you all for watching and see you all soon 😀