Just manage finally to get this uploaded before I pop out for a few hours so I hope you enjoy and show noted will be written up when I arrive home.😀 Enjoy lovelies x

Where you can find me:- Instagram as ‘nessatownley’, ravelry as ‘killtocraft’.

On today’s episode

FOs I have None😮 How upsetting to admit😉

True Friend by Veera Valamaki veera
Yarn – Zauberwiese in Grey, A Homespun House in ‘This is Halloween’ (purple) on Dale fingering.
Needles – 3mm and 3.5mm Knitpro Symfonie Dreamz interchangables.

Silver Birch by LouiseTilbrook
Yarn – The Wool Barn on Tweedy sock in ‘Terracotta’.
Needles- 2.5mm Knitpro DPN Zings.

Striated by Nicki Merrall
Yarn – Jamiesons Shetland Spindrift in ‘Cornflower’.
Needles – 3.5mm Knitpro Symphonies interchangables.

Swap Packages from friends

Interpretations 3 by Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki can be found at the Pom Pom Press shop
juliannapiglet Julianna Fibres sock yarn in ‘Prism’ colourway can be found at her Etsy Shop

FALLEN IN LOVE WITH:- (Queued/future wips)
‘Breathing Space’ from the newest Interpretations 3 book.

At Last the show notes ……😀 Don’t ask it’s been a crazy busy week! :p

A few notices.
1. Sweater Kal is still going on in the Ravelry group until the 31st of March so you still have a good two months to join in on the Chatter and FO threads, please do come over and share you progress and you can do more than one sweater, cardigan, top or large garment. You can also Hashtag your progress with #ktcsweaterkal.
1st prize generously gifted from Nicole of Hueloco yarns and podcast.
cute Project Bag, mini’s and gorgeous skein of MCN in the Twitterpated colourway.

In conjunction with Mina and The Knitting Expat podcast so you will have a second chance of winning prizes if you also join in and share them in her group threads so twice the fun😀

  1. Next up:- A Giveaway YAY! The Post Valentines Giveaway is going on in the Ravelry group please do go over and share something, someone or a memory you may have cherished over this past year to enter you into the ‘Giveaway’ which is my way of saying Thank you so do join in!:)
  2. And some Birthday pattern present Thank you’s tinypaperfoxes, mina86 and herrlene Thank you so much It made my day I was super excited😀

Rainbows and Unicorns Kal socks

Pattern is ‘Fika’ by Maribeth White (Pom pom Quarterly) Knitted on 2.25mm and 2.75mm Knitpro Zings, Yarn Lang Jawoll Magic in the Pastel Rainbow and with Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in grey for toes.

Silver Birch
by (pom pom Quarterly) Knitted on 2.50mm Knitpro Zings, Yarn The Wool Barn Tweedy Sock in the Terracotta colourway.

True Friend by Veera Valamaki
image title
Knitted on 3.5mm Knitpro Dreamz interchangeables, Yarn Grey is Zauberweisse and Purple/pink is A Homespun House ‘This is Halloween’ colourway.
True Friend

Scrappy Socks

Postman Has Been
Yule Ball Harry Potter inspired Christmas colourway from London House Yarns.
And Ordered a skein of Office Christmas Party from A Fine Fish Yarns.

Birthday Gifts
Star Wars Project bag by ThirdVaultYarns I love this bag I’m just wanting for that perfect skein for the perfect project! Where are you?!…….. lol

Finished ‘The Ocean at the End of The Lane’ By Neil Gaiman.
I grabbed this second hand after it was recommended by Robin of the ‘Stitching Between Pages Podcast. It was a slim read so I whisked it away. I whizz through it.
Started ‘The Man in the High Castle’ By Phillip K Dick.

Podcasters Mentioned
Inside 23 misslavellia
Sticks + Twine eplutz

Episode 16 Shownotes

Sewn a DPN case for my sock needles.
Felted Cupcake from a kit I recieved at Christmas.

Rainbows and unicorns kal socks in Jawoll Magic sock on my zing needles using the Fika sock pattern.

To be Wips
True Friend by Veera Valimaki I’m using 1 skein of Grey Zauberweise and 2 skeins of Dale Fingering in the ‘this is halloween’ from A homespun house. Stored in my Fawn and the fox bag.

Wrap Skirt for Make2along although I’m not going to rush it so I may not have this finished in time for that. But it’s better its right than me sewing a big mistake lol!

Thank you’s to Celine CirceBellesB, Angela RainbowAnge, Annie ausnein and Leigh Louleigh who in rushing the podcast I’d forgetten to mention the beautiful selection of Zings Thank you all so much for the lovely friendship and sweet treats you sent me over this week you really helped cheer me up.

Baerenwolle Yarn in the Lollipop Colourway.
3mm knitpro Symfonie interchange tips.

Podcasts Mentioned
Twisted Stitches Podcast (audio)
Windwallknitting Podcast

Oh gosh it’s hard to remember everything when you’ve again left your notes in you draw at work lol! If you want to ask anything feel free to ask me:) x

Me and the mister are off out for tea so Shownotes will follow later I’m afraid:) Happy knitting everybody and hope your weekend is going tops x

Okay so Shownotes:-

Our New Knitalong Threads are open and you are welcome to knit any garment so a short sleeved sweater top, cardigan or pullover. So please come over and Join in the first prize is a selection of Hueloco Goodies donated by the lovely Nicole Hueloco and also feel free to check out her etsy shop she sells beautiful things I can’t recommend it any higher, if I could I would.:)
This Knit a long is running from January to 31st March and prize draw will take place on the podcast on 2nd of April. Remember you’ve to be in it to win it😉 This Knit a long is also in conjunction with the sweateralong hosted by Mina of the Knitting Expat Podcast so do share your projects there two for extra chances at winning:)

‘This Way That Way Socks’ by Mina Philipp mina86 used Knit picks Handpainted stroll fingering in ‘woodland’ colourway.
‘Beezee Hat’ by Katrin Schubert used King cole baby alpaca dk.

‘Because I love you Wrap’ by Amy Meeks Used Baerenwolle Baerfoot Sock in ‘Eisprinzessin’ and
The Wool Barn Silk Sock in ‘Faded Jeans’.
You can follow Amy
here at the Periscope Sister group and join in there kal for this shawl in a weeks time.
‘Fika Socks’ by Maribeth White (Pom pom Quarterly magazine issue 12, spring 2015) using Lang Jawoll colourway I believe is ‘Pastel Rainbow’ and Is entering in the
Twisted Stitches Podcast ‘Rainbows and Unicorns Kal’.

Podcasters Mentioned
mina86 of The Knitting Expat Podcast
thefawnknits of The Fawn Knits Podcast
hueloco of the Hueloco Podcast
andresueknits of the Andresueknits Podcast
tinypaperfoxes of the Tinypaperfoxes Podcast
gabigails of the Once Upon A Corgi Podcast
fishgirl182 1 half of the Twisted Stitches Podcast😀

Items from Sellers
A homespun House
The fawn and the fox
Baerenwolle (couldn’t seem to find a link)
The Wool Barn

Just a reminder that I asked if anyone knows if I need to be specific with the fabric I use for sewing my Muslin as it’s the first time doing one I wasn’t sure if my fabric content needed to match the fabric I’m using for my end result? Do get in touch if you are into sewing I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you all again for watching I love spending a bit of time with you and hope you enjoyed the show. See you in two weeks for another episode. x

Hey Peeps, I’m back😀
So I did plan on an episode last week and after filming I went Christmas shopping and when I got back I sorted through my files on the pc and deleted the wrong one. Shame on me for foolishly cleaning out my Rubbish bin before I realised. So I had to wait for the weekend to come along again with the days getting dark early I’ve got a light window to make a date with lol!
So here we are Episode 14… Better late than never😉

Thank you all for coming back and watching another episode. I really do appreciate you all watching and chattering with me over here and on IG. You all mean the world too me and I’m so happy to have you all here:)
So what do we have today?

Hitchcock Sweater by Tincanknits
Hitchcock pattern by tincanknits, used Rico Designs Metalise Aran on 4mm and 5mm Knitpro Dreamz interchangables

Simple House Slippers by Simone A fiksi Temple of knit. Some deep stash Double knit wool and pair with a Snuggly Snowflake Chunky lining on 4mm and 7mm dpns.

Beezee hat by Katrin Schubert behutsam
Used King Cole Baby Alpaca on 3.75mm Knitpro circular Symfonie needle.

Using my Ashford Drop Spindle and Neptune Batt from Spincity SpinCityUK. I’ve learn’t how to Ply on the Fly and now enjoying spinning so much more since figuring out a better way to draft and getting more even singles.

Future WIPs
Christmas Eve Cast on Hosted by littlebobbins.
I’ve planned to use some Knitpicks stroll fingering shade woodland gifted to me by Mina on my Zing needles and in my Fondant fibre Project bag

Casting on for a Test knit for Inkedindigo a wrap called ‘Because I love you’ which due to be released early 2016 all being well. I’m using some thewoolbarnknits Woolbarn silk sock in shade ‘Faded Jeans’ and baerenwolle BAERfoot Sock in shade ‘Eisprinzessin’.

The new book ‘Take Heart’ by FionaAlice and Produced by the Pom pom team.
A few of my Favourites (However I want to knit them all):-
Pennard Castle
Chester Basin Hat and Mitts
and Caswell Bay Hat and Mitts

What are your thoughts on a Sweater Knit a long starting in January??

Merry Christmas and I hope you spend it with your loved ones and make the most of them, Best Wishes from me xx

Toast and Jam Mitts by Emily Fodden (for John Arbon Textiles) knitted in Drops Lima Alpaca/wool blend on 3.5mm pony bamboo DPNs.

Hitchcock Sweater by Tincanknits (for Pompom Quarterly Autumn 2015) knitted in Rico Designs Metalise Aran on 4mm and 5mm knitpro Dreamz interchangable circs.

Beezee Hat by Katrin Schubert knitted in King Cole Baby Alpaca DK on 3.5mm knitpro symphony fixed circs.

I touch on a bit of Spinning

and a Cheeky bit of Post to share!!

Peeps Mentioned
Kristin voolenvine of Yarngasm podcast and Voolenvine yarns.
Jeska knitgizmo of Knitgizmomakes etsy.
Kemper wraybot of Junkyarn Podcast.

Thank you again to all you lovelies for coming back and watching, for joining in on the podcast group and anybody who’s been having fun participating in the Christmas knitting it’s been a joy to see what you are all making for your loved ones.

Hiya everyone😀
I’m back just a little bit later this time round I felt a bit wrong to be upbeat and creating a podcast last week with what was happening across the sea so I decided it felt better to leave it and made one today. I hope you haven’t minded the wait.

This week I have for you my Fo’s and lots of aquired items (don’t judge too much it’s been three weeks lol!)

Acai Hat by Clare Devine:- Yarn used from Ginger Twist Studios ‘Super Sheep Aran in the ‘Father of Funk’ colourway.
Knitted on my 5mm Knitpro Nova DPN’s (Which I love)

Mum’s Waistcoat:- Sirdar Pattern 7285. Yarn I used was Sirdar Country Style DK in there silver cloud colourway (light grey) on 3 1/4 mm and 4mm straight needles.

Brother’s Waistcoat:- Sirdar Pattern 7394. Yarn I used was suggested in the pattern ‘Harrap Tweed DK’

Festive Project Bag from Fondant Fibres + 2 skeins of her spangle sock base and 2 Knitters soaps
A homespun House fingering weight skein ‘This is Halloween’ colourway on Dale base.
Drop Lima for Wills mittens and for my Maude Sweater (I’ve been knitting with it and it’s one of my new favourites it’s so soft to knit with!!! :D)
Rico Designs Sock Stop
Drops Delight Sock yarn in a grey mix

Podcasters Mentioned
Jeni Tinypaperfoxes of Tinypaperfoxes Podcast
Molly ahomespunhouse of A Homespun House Podcast

P.s. I may want to cast on all the projects for the next Installment lol! I hope you are all well and not too dishearten by the world. Keep your family and friends close and care for them with lots of loves!


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