With everything you’ve got to start somewhere! I’ve always wanted a handmade blanket of my own but doing hundreds of square at once just seems so long winded and dauntingly dull! Until I watching all these podcasters out there showing off the beautiful Scrappy Sock Blankets or ‘Cozy Memories Blankets’ which ever name you’ve donned for yours, these blankets are amazing!

Every one that’s created are unique and made with much love and consideration! hundreds of sock yarn left overs are gathered and knit up whenever there are scraps at hand which makes then no mean feat! Lots of squishy different fibres popped into a pick n mix array of beauty to eventually drape over you and your loved ones over the winter months! Sounds Dreamy to me and how can so many beautiful knitting ladies be wrong!

That’s right I did begin my very own as I friend of mine calls them ‘Dingle blankets’ lol! You might have caught the first peek of it in my first Podcast episode and it’s growing slowly but surely and I’m not even slightly feed up the fact that I can pick it up in between as I feel I need to knit a little something this blanket has become a dream. My need for starting sock yarn projects has grown though to keep me in kind supply of scraps! Even my boss has donated sample yarns she had lying around at home to keep me busy. I’ve got a feeling making these colourful blankets would put a smile on everybody’s faces there greatly fulfilling and relaxing.

Although my blanket is still in it’s early and small stages at 9 squares I know it’s going to grow into it’s self at a good rate. I love the idea that at some point I will have an almost mood board styled blanket full or yarns, colours and memories, it’s so personal!

So here’s how I went about mine, Its constructed with four different kind of squares as detailed below in the pattern and all are worked in a garter stitch pattern with a mitred decrease, mine all run in the same direction however you don’t have too if you prefer the extra scrappy blanket look :D

1 square should measure 10cm x 10cm on 2.75mm needles (This isn’t crucial though to make a scrap blanket like this it’s just a guide to what I wrote mine too)

  • 4ply sock or fingering weight yarn.
  •  Hiya Hiya  2.75mm, 40cm long circular needle or Needle to obtain gauge
  • Sewing needle to sew in loose ends as you go.


K knit, P Purl, sts stitches, ssk slip/slip/knit, tog together.

SQUARE ONE (Starter Square)

Cast on 52 sts.
*1st Row. (wrong side row) K26, place Marker, k26.
2nd Row. (right side row) K24, Ssk, slip marker, k2tog, k24.
Repeat these last 2 rows until you have 2 sts remaining. Remove marker.
Last Row. K2tog. Fasten off.*

SQUARE TWO (Side Edge Squares:- these make up the right side edge of your blanket)

Cast on 26 sts and pick up 26 sts evenly along top edge of first square (or top edge of any side edge square). 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE THREE (Lower edge Squares:- these make up the bottom edge of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a lower edge square and cast on 26 sts. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

SQUARE FOUR (Central squares:- these ones you’ll use the most, they make up the centre of your blanket)

Pick up 26 sts evenly along left side edge of a square and pick up 26 sts evenly along the top edge of a square. 52 sts.
and work as given for 1st square from * to *.

Not difficult at all! and then when you have a few ends sew them in as you go so it’s not a massive job at the end.

I hope some of you join in on the fun and use up some of those odds and ends rather than throw them away! If not charity shop them some dear knitter might find them and add them to there Sock and Scrappy :D

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Welcome to Episode 2 the Killtocraft Podcast I will make apologize for the background noise and will try to film earlier in the day like I’d orginally intended but due to technical difficulties I filmed about 3 or 4 times, enough to loose count! I will address this issue for the 3rd episode and hope it doesn’t spoil your viewing experience and that you still enjoy the show! I’d like to welcome you all back and thank you all for your support here’s the show notes for you! Introduction by my lovely cat ‘Lincoln’ Knitting Pom pom peds – by purl pee / purl soho. Knitted Zauberball. Greco – by Carina Spainhower. Knitted in Rico So Soft DK Fibre by Nunoco on etsy – Hat knitted in colourway ‘Antique Rose‘ 90% Merino and 10% Milk Protein. The sample fibres were colourways ‘Lagoon‘ and ‘Merino Marina

The 100 Stitch Slouch by Drearenee Knits waiting to be finished!

The 100 Stitch Slouch by Drearenee knits. Knitted in Nunoco handspun Fibre. Stash Mirasol Sulka Legato – shade Jade Sea Malabrigo Arroyo – shade Junipter Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades – shade Blue Stripe Ragg Extra Mentioned Patterns Canopy Shawl by Mandrine’s The Shetland Trader Mkal by Gudrun Johnston Also Mentioned A Homespun House Podcast Manda rine’s Podcast Raincloud and Sage Blog My ID’s on Instagram :- nessatownley and Ravelry ID:- Killtocraft

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This post was inspired by a friend of mine Lea over at A Freeze Frame.

Loving I won the Canopy Shawl pattern by Melody from Mandarine’s Podcast on Raincloud and Sage’s Giveaway :D
Thinking about all the nice things I could review for July’s edition of ‘Wooly Post’
Eating My first Chelsea bun although I had to take the currents out! I like raisins but not sultana’s so I daren’t risk it!
Struggling to find the passion to finish my crochet tapestry backpack I’m 40 rounds from finishing and I’ve lost the love and passion to continue.
Wondering ………!
Listening to ‘A Homespun House’ whilst spinning some new fibre!
Making Another hat!!
Feeling A tad under the weather still with my sinuses and ears, I might be waiting a while for this steroid nasal spray to take effect!
Dreaming of a being at home with my feet up relaxing with my knitting 
Finding a lot of yarn waiting for me! 
Celebrating My first Podcast episode and planning a more organised episode two :D
Watching Jurassic World on Friday I can’t wait :D
Reading Alone in Berlin still I’ve been reading the same book for two months I need to make some massive reading time and get it gone!
Enjoying My knitting so much recently I can’t get enough
Hoping Everyone enjoys my second podcast when it goes online! 
Wishing My face would stop hurt my sinuses are taking the Michael out of me!

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Feel like I forgot something lol!

So catch me on Ravelry as Killtocraft or on Instagram as nessatownley

So here’s a few bits I mentioned in Episode one for you all.

FO projects:- Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes

WIP:- Greco by Courtney Spainhower (Latest Summer 2015 issue of Pompom Quarterly)

:- The Pom Pom Peds by The Purl Bee (A free Pattern)

and My Sock Yarn or Cozy Memories Blanket

Future Works in progress:- Kensington by Nancy Bush

Yarn I mentioned :- Rico Baby So Soft DK (Greco)

Zauberball Sock (Pom pom peds)

Drops Baby Alpaca Silk (Waterlily)

Tweed Sock by The Wool Barn

Other bits:-

Adventure Time Project bag from Amelia X Joy

June 2015 Edition of ‘The Wooly Post’

See you soon!

Afternoon all,

Today I great you with a feature which I hope will be an ongoing one! Reviewing products and sharing new knitting products out there is something new to me and although I don’t have a bank budget to do a feature every week I might be able to muster up a few bits to do once a month. It’s something I’ve just naturally progressed into wanting to do and I would LOVE to give it a go and create a thoughtful review for you creative types out there!

If you would like me to review any of your products please send me an email, you can happily send me something to knit, spin or sew and if its craft related then also read. I’d love to broaden my horizons and yours also!

I shan’t make you wait too long, I have few reviews for you all today! First up…

THE WOOL BARN ‘based in the UK’

Terracotta Tweed Sock

Tweed Sock Yarn (Fingering Weight) 85% Superwash Merino and 15% Donegal Nep.

So I overheard from a few sources that the yarn for this online Etsy store is Amazing!!! and it doesn’t take much as you all know to persuade me into spending my lovely pennies. Finding two sources at a similar time both raving it’s beauty and appeal, what are the chances?! Both people were saying how soft The Wool Barn yarn is and how nicely considered the shades are!

Then I’d spotted some projects knitted up in The Wool Barn yarn and well, I just had to didn’t I!!! It would only be fair to my stash and myself!

So it urged me to add some to my stash, I unfortunately I caught the shop after an update had nearly sold out which was a shame however there were still a few remaining skeins to choose from and a Tweed Sock skein caught my attention. The skein has a classic rustic look with it’s subtle terracotta shade and neutral looking tweedy nups in cream, light browns and chocolate. The feel of it is something else though, the Superwash Merino is unbelievably soft to touch this is going to look great in my next pair of socks and it has an ample length of 400 metres which is great because I usually then have some yarn left over for my memories blanket!

When knitted the yarn is even and Neps are nicely spaced so it doesn’t look too crowded which I love. I’d love to grab another colourway at somepoint i’ve been looking over her past sales and I have a few Tweed Sock favourites such as Adria (Below), metal (semi solid grey with nep) and Soft pink (I seem to be liking pink more as I get older)

Customer service was also greatly received, my skein arrived promptly at my door a few days later and when opening my parcel I had not only my skein nicely packaged but a couple of little treats and a message! I like the little personalised efforts it reminds you of the love and joy these creative sellers put into their work and it’s nice I feel like I’ve built a connection it’s so sweet!

Maya is very kind seller and after talking to her you can tell she’ll make all efforts to please her customers to the best of her ability it’s so lovely. She happily will take custom orders and will reserve them for you! Excitedly the wonderful Maya has offered to send me something for the second edition of ‘Wooly Post’ hosted in July for a Giveaway, which will be kindly recieved thank you so much Maya.

And I’m sure all you peeps out there will look forward too that!  The Wool Barn’s Etsy store is linked above you should pop over and check it out. Also please note that throughout June and July Maya won’t be taking custom order as she’s preparing herself to do two monthly store updates instead of one, but they will open again in August! :D Good Luck Maya!

AMELIE X JOY ‘based in the UK’

Adventure time with butterfly

Adventure Time Project Bag.

Adventure time

Awwww I just adore this project bag so much, the childish girl inside me adores Adventure Time and to have it on a project bag that I can horde my latest project in and whip it out proudly at work like when your a kid with a new shiny sticker lol! That kid is me..

I just adored this bag, its so very nicely made with a plain canvas lining and a little pocket for your bits and bobs which is handy. I can just slip my essentials in there and off I go! I went for an extra choice when purchasing and added the little ring to my bag purchase which is shown above in the first image with my little butterfly stitch marker sat on it! This little ring pops open so you can add your stitch markers too it which I think is a lovely touch!

Kindly Amelia added the sweet stitch marker to my parcel and some little peacock feather buttons which I’ve saved for a future project it’s so nice when stores show they appreicate you buying from them and Amelia does she also gave me a card with a 10% off coupon code for me for all future purchases, she sent off my parcel very promptly and I was so happy when I recieved it.

Its a nice size for your socking knitting but you can fit approximately 200 grams in there if you wish, I checked. I sat here stuffing yarn in it just so I could inform you lol! Thankfully it’s not a massive bag I’d be getting out the whole stash lol!!

The pricing of her bags aren’t even expensive at £8 and there is so many to choose from it’s great picking!

A few of my favourites are the lepidoptery bag, Star wars, and I’m hoping this one stays available I just Love, Love, LOVE it! Zebras.

Go take a look at Amelia X Joy’s store on Etsy the link is above andyou won’t be disappointed mine is coming everywhere with me, If you are after the Adventure Time bag in particular Amelia noted with me that at the moment she’s sold out! That might be my fault ;) lol!!

LAYLA AMBER ‘based in the UK

Sitting Squirrel Brooch

Sitting Squirrel Brooch

So this piece of fine Jewellery was brought to my attenion via an instagram giveaway, however I do aim to purchase some of her accessories in the future I’ve already made note of a few things!

All of her handcrafted jewellery are hand painted and she sells not just brooches but necklaces and earrings. I’m very fond of her earrings as well not just due to the cuteness of having little acorn or maple leaf earrings but also because they are silver backed, if you are any thing like me and struggle to buy earrings that aren’t silver due to sensitive ears then Layla is winning!

Upon recieving my brooch I feel in love with the craftsmanship and consideration of using layers of wood to create the background and foreground, also the lasercut image is just whimscial and cute who wouldn’t want such a sweet accessory.

In the autumn I will be proudly wearing this upon one of my handknit shawls as this isn’t one of a kind but it will seem like it when everyone you show or meet give you compliments about it! Such a wonderful treasure to own!

One of my newest favourites is the Feather necklace so go check out Layla’s wonderful full range of gems at her Etsy store linked above, she doesn’t take custom orders as work is very busy but there is so much to choose from you won’t struggle for choice.

Thank you for Reading my ‘Wooly Post’ Review and I hope you throughly enjoyed it, please I love to hear your feed back. Also anyone out there interested in sharing your knitting, spinning, sewing products with me for a future ‘Wooly Post’ review you are more than welcome to email me or pm me on Ravelry where I’m ‘Killtocraft’. Please share and spend the Wooly Post word and I’ll look forward to the next installment in July!

Have a great Weekend x

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Hiya all,

Hope my friendly followers are well or at least merry!

Today I bring up the topic of a new plan I tend to share with you all roughly on a monthly basis and it’s a trial run so if you like or love what comes from it please let me know your feed back is important! Starting this month of June I’m so happy to be doing a review for all you creative types to share with you new shops and products, what they have to offer throughout a variety of crafts I hope!

I don’t have a massive bank balance though every month which is why it will be a few items once a month and see how it progresses. I would like to have more of a purpose to my blog as well as sharing the patterns I’ve knitted and this just seems perfect and a bit of an adventure for me which I want to pursue. If you are wanting to share a product of yours you can happily email me and send me something to review.

I’m preparing my first review post as we speak and I can’t wait to share my notes and findings on all this lovely creative goodies! Such an exciting direction and I hope you join me :D

Your knitterly friend Vanessa x

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Sometimes we are gifted with great friends who realise our need for more yarn, so about 8 years ago I did some unpaid work for my best friend. I helped her create knitted characters for her animation ‘The Little Red Plane’ and out of this work she gifted me a skein I’d fallen in love with. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug Sock Yarn and it may not be hand dyed or anything special to most but to me it holds a lot of memories and for that it was one of my most beautiful and special skeins in my stash.

It’s gone unused for way too long and so I decided after seeing the Simple Picot Sock pattern that it would be perfect for my summer feet to enjoy! maybe not through the day with shoes on it would be way too warm however wearing around around the house on a cooler evening is always comforting. These I’ve named my first toe up socks, I’d started a pair years ago but gave up on them I wasn’t keen on the pattern and yarn combination. I loved doing them the opposite way around and even more so appreciated the much neater toe. Although my kitchener is neat this toe up method might be for you if not.

There’s a lot of different methods out there to creating a picot edge however the method on this sock is the best in my opinion, it comes out so neat and even, I can’t fault it at all. The method is knitting in stocking stitch and then work a round creating an even amount of yfwds coupled with k2tog’s, continue with more stocking stitch and fold it over halfway through the eyelets and lightly sew the edge inside the sock. It’s perfectly neat and tidy, unlike the many pick up and cast off picot edgings of which i’m not keen.

The pattern is avaible from Pom Pom’s site for Free.

And you can view the video for ‘Little Red Plane’ here.

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