Today’s Episode should have been yesterdays epsiode but life go busy but here it is for you all today, bright and early :D x

Thank you to you all for coming back and thank you to all of you new viewers out there I appreciate you all very much for taking time out to chatter and get involved with me the group and the podcast! Much love!

Also A MASSIVE thank you for hitting the 300 Subscribers mark on Youtube :D it’s great to have such awesome viewers! x
And Thank you to Dani of Little Bobbins Podcast for the kind and sweet mention and for joining in the Brioche Kal with her awesome shawl.

Please join in on the kal even new brioche knitter and those that have started a brioche project and are in the beginning stages you are more than welcome to join in the fun and our giveaway kindly donated by a friend and podcaster Mina (Also Big Thank you’s)

This episode we have:-
Sock Blanket
Briochealicious Shawl for Brioche KAL
Kroy Socks
Mum’s Waistcoat for Christmas Knits KAL
Hitchcock Sweater by Tin can knits

Ramones Cross Stitch from Cloud Factory


Canopy Shawl by Melody Hoffman

West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in shade ‘Penniroyal’
3 Beautiful progress keepers from A Homespun House
1 skein of Bliss Fingering in shade ‘Pink tiaras’ from Andresueknits Etsy

Sellers Mentioned
MinaMakes Etsy
A Homespun House (Hand Dyed Yarn)
Andresueknits Etsy

Podcast Mentioned
All you knit is love Podcast (Lea now have a book hauling episodes to check out!!)

I hope you enjoy catching up with me again and you can find me on Instagram as ‘nessatownley’, Ravelry as ‘Killtocraft’ and our Ravelry Group ‘Killtocraft Podcast’ and please do join in our Brioche or Christmas knits knit a long :D

We all love a nice patterned project bag and earlier in the week a lovely friend of mine and the podcast ‘Jeska’ or ‘Knitgizmo’ on instagram started a new endeavour in making and selling her first line of project bags on Etsy at her shop ‘Knitgizmomakes

Jeska’s bags are made in three sizes, sock, shawl and large. All in unique and beautiful fabrics with nice linings and colourful zippers. She’s based in the UK and I thought It would be nice for me to share with you all some of her bags :)

I do love that cute mushroom bag! Please do take a look and share and show support to handmakers, beautiful work and time is put into every piece.


Oh my! I’m slacking I’ve only just noticed I hadn’t done the Show notes from the last episode and I say last as I’m hopefully filming a new one this weekend! Blimey! let’s get on with it!

Welcome to the knitty gritty on episode 7, enjoy!

Thank You’s:-
A big thank you as well to of those regular viewers that keep coming back you are the bee’s knees and it’s greatly appreciated that I have your kindness and support and to those new subscribers hello and welcome and thank you for subscribing I hope you continue to enjoy the show and get to know you all a bit better here in the ravelry group! :D

Podcasters Mentioned:-
Made in Carlenergy Carlenergy
Yarngasm/ Voolenvine
Knitting Expat mina86
All You Knit Is Love Freezeframe

Curisoa Mkal by Rachel Coopey (I’m showing this one again freshly blocked for your viewing :p)
Oak Crest by Masie Howarth (Autumn 2015 issue 14 Pom Pom Quarterly)

Canopy Shawl by Melody Hoffman of the Mandarines Podcast
Briochealicious by Andrea Mowry
My Favourite Socks by Voolenvine (that wil be slightly adapted if I can decide on a heel choice)

Republic of Wool – Scenic Route colourway with a Button badge and T-shirt.
Sock Blockers from Loop London.
Baerenwolle – Baerfluff in Amazonas colourway

Question:- What are you favourite heel methods for Self Striping yarns or if you’re not bothered in doing it a certain why then what is your favourite heel method I’d love to hear your choices and why? :D

Welcome to the latest episode
Big Thank You’s
To all of you who keep coming back and watching my episodes and try very little to edit my episodes and let me be myself so it’s wonderful and really nice to see you enjoy it and come to chat and share with me regulary, I really enjoy your company and kindness so Thanks guys!

Show notes will be posted here soon enough but I’ve not been well organised this week and forgot to print them so I filmed with Chaos and freedom lol

Fo’s:- Curiosa Mkal Socks by Rachel Coopey
Test Knit version one for Mandarines

Sock Blanket
Canopy Shawl by Mandarines
Briochealicious Shawl
Test Knit version two for Manderines

Patterns Mentioned:-
Offhand Lace by Caitlin Ffrench
Oak Crest by Maisie Howarth
Hitchcock by Tincanknits

Baerenwolle Baerfoot sock
Wendy Ramsdale DK
Koigu Sock yarn
Andresueknits Mini’s

Peeps mentioned:-
Andresueknits Podcast, group, Etsy shop and mentioned her mini skein swap and handmade swap sign ups end monday the 24th
Socksahoy on instagram :)
The Fawn knits The shawl Kal

Remember to please come join us over at the Ravelry group and join in the Brioche Kal and have a chance at the giveaway. Until next time Happy Knitting x

So some awesome news and fun for you all and If you’ve been watching my latest podcast episode you may have already seen and heard about what’s install over at the Killtocraft Podcast group on Ravelry! If you haven’t then awesome as I can fill you in!!

Last Saturday I opened up the Killtocraft Podcast’s First Knit-a-long and It’s open for all you knitters to join just pop over and join the group and the antics will follow! I’m hosting the Killtocraft Brioche KAL, I’ve personally not knitted Brioche before but I’ve been wanting too and isn’t it really nice as beginners to learn something new together so we can share and advise each other from our own learning experiences. So If you are new don’t be scared to join in the fun come over and take a look at the Brioche kal chatter thread. At the minute the group is discussing project ideas, yarn choices and trying out swatching whilst watching and sharing technique videos! It’s really fun and exciting! So there are plenty of Pre Kal activities to still chatter about.

Like I said the Brioche Kal begins on the 15th August through till the October the 30th the day before all the spooky happenings, so there will be a Halloween Prize Giveaway on the 31st which will be announced on the Podcast that very same day!

The rules to the Knit a long are Easy Peasey:-

1) Up until the 15th of August you can share yarn and project ideas and discuss the Brioche technique and create practice samples only.

2) 15th August the KAL offically begins and you can get knitting all the brioche colourful madness! :D

3) 15th August I will open the FO Thread which will be for picking Winners in a Prize draw and to make it far please make One post per person which you can update as many times as you wish with as many finished object photo’s.
(This is to make it as fair as possible so everybody has an equal chance)

4) If you could tag your projects and images on social media as #2015ktcbriochekal that would be amazing so we can see everyones progress and join in the online fun!

5) Fifth and Final but the most obvious rule the knitted item must contain ‘Brioche’ and not the sweet buns kind ;)

We’ve already had some donations for prizes (Thank you to those lovely kind people it’s very much appreciated) but if you are an indie dyer, fibre artisan or designer of handmade wears and would like donate to the Kal prize giveaway please do get into contact with me PM me Via ravelry and you can find me as ‘killtocraft’.

I’ve already recieved my custom yarn order from Vicky at Baerenwolle for my Briochealicious Shawl by Andrea Mowry in shades show in the above photo.
Left to right:- Grenadine, Copper, Feel the Beet and Lime.

and I can’t wait to cast on and get knitting!! So please come join us and we’ll be there to welcome you! x

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Welcome to Killtocraft Podcast Episode 5

I really, really want to give Thank You to all of you gals and guys that are watching, sharing and taking the time out to chat, say hello and even the private messages saying how much you’ve been enjoying my episodes so far it is unbelievably sweet and touching. It’s also so nice to start meeting you all on the ‘fancy an introduction?’ thread over on the killtocraft podcast forum.

and a Big Thank you to Thefawnknits again for mentioning and sharing some upcoming killtocraft news which is

Brioche KAL

So I have Awesome news this week the Killtocraft Podcast forum is hosting it’s first ever Kal ‘Knitalong’.

I’m keeping it simple and calling it the ‘2015 Brioche Knit a long’ and you can share your projects as you go using the hashtag #2015ktcbriochekal they’ll be details of the rules on the forum and I’ll create two threads one for chatter and second as an FO thread to post your finished objects. It’s anything Brioche two or one coloured, it’s more about learning a new technique and having fun using it! And Hopefully finding something we all love to do more of!

The Kal will Begins on the starting date of 15th August 2015 and Ends 30th October 2015 and Winner will be drawn the following day on Halloween 31st October 2015 on the Podcast :D


Greco – By Courtney Spainhower

Again from the Summer 2015 issue of Pompom Quarterly, using 3.5mm Knitpro Dreamz interchangeable circulars. Using Rico So Soft DK


Curiosa Mkal – By Rachel Coopey, using 2.75mm bamboo DPNs there just a generic kind and I always tend to use 2.75mm for socks. Depending on what the pattern requires though obviously. Using Posh Yarn Betsy Sock base in colourway ‘wink wink’.

Sock Blanket

Canopy Shawl – Mandarine’s, using a 5mm knitpro Dreamz interchangeable circulars. Using malabrigo arroyo in colourway ‘Jupiter’ and beads from Justadaydream etsy store.

Test Knit:- For Melody of the Mandarines podcast. I’m using some very old stash yarn some 100% wool and Thursday night I sat and skeined the yarn so I could soak it and dry the yarn before I started!

Future Wips:-

Oak Crest by Maisie Howarth in the Autumn 2015 issue 14 of Pom Pom Quarterly

Briochealicious by Andrea Mowry (Dreareneeknits) for Killtocraft Brioche KAL


The Uncommon Thread yarn ‘Lush Worsted’ in colourway ‘Confetti’

Cat notebook from Homebird House

Custom Order from Baerenwolle for the Brioche Kal

Project bag from The Fawn and The Fox etsy store owned by the lovely Lara of ‘Thefawnknits’ podcast. Love the fabric, it’s so durable, stands up well, and ample sizing. Using for my 2 x100g DK weight shawl and fits everything in.

SWAPS:- With Lara, from the The fawn knits podcast. Catch Episode 9 where Lara also shares my swap package :)

What I’ve been doing:-

  • I fell down the concrete stairs
  • Visited a friend down south for a birthday
  • Seaside visit
  • Unity Hall free show volunteer as a tea lady

Other notes:-

  • Forum Chat Room Meet ups!


Post up a date and a time and we can meet and chatter about anything and everything and socialize with one another.

 Question for you lovelies?!

Do you like seaside visits?!

Well this pattern was gifted to my by the lovely Melody from Manderines Podcast and the lovely Ruth from Raincloudandsage blog from a giveaway I entered in hope to get chosen. There was a choice between manderine’s hat pattern or between her two shawl patterns ‘Canopy’ or ‘Blom’. First prize winner to be picked got to pick between the shawls and luckily I was the first as I’d had my longing eye on the Canopy Shawl since it was released. However the timing must not have been right because If i’d have bought it back then I woud be the same shawl I’ve been knitting up this week. Having been influenced by a Voolenvine tutorial about adding beads to your knitting and seeing Little boobins ‘Dani’ sharing her beaded influenced shawl, it all inspired me to add beads to my very own Canopy!

I started the shawl on Tuesday and I haven’t really put it down, but I’m going to make myself tomorrow so I can actually show it as a work of progress on saturdays podcast! I wouldn’t want to have started and finished without you seeing it. I’m already doing the lace on the third teir and I’m debating a possible fourth! it could be on the cards.

I’ve had a few glitches along the way like realising the beads I’d chosen however perfectly fitting with the chosen yarn they had different sized holes which was a pain but I did manage to sort them to make it easier. The beads with the larger central hole got hooked on first with the crochet hook as planned and the smaller holed ones got added at a later date nearing the end of the lace and got added the same way but using a sewing needle and sewing thread to slip the bed over the stitch.

I didn’t let it put me back to square one and searching for beads as I’d fallen in love with these ones! The shawl is so stunning I’m in love with it!

I’m so very excited about this project I couldn’t hold back and had to show it off! Just everything about this project to me is Perfect and I don’t always think that way. It will certainly get a lot of wear this autumn/winter.


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